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joints with computer paper

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Troubadour, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. i know that computer paper is way thicker than rolling paper, but wont that just keep it burning slow? and is it bad for u to inhale comp paper smoke?
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    Yes, smoking computer paper is probably worse for you. This is why people prefer also prefer thinner papers like Zig Zags as opposed to the papers that come with a pack of Bugler's rolling tobacco. Also, how the joint is rolled (loose vs. tight) is more significant in determining the burning speed. Keep in mind that rolling papers are designed to be smoked with. That's why we have also papers like Aleda that will minimize the paper taste when smoking.
  3. dont use that shit. it has ink in it that is real bad to inhale

    use a sheet from a bible their blank ones in the back
  4. Don't roll with that shit, man. It's terrible for your health.
  5. Use tampax tampon paper, it burns just like papers, and tastes just fine.
  6. Yea, the first time i ever smoked i did that shit...
    (8th grade, no access to pipes, papers, blunts, etc..)
    i might as well have tried inhaling fire, it burned so bad going into my lungs!
    I didnt smoke for like 6 months after that. It was terrible.
  7. Hahaha, I tried this when I was like 12 when I first got weed. Very stupid, waste of weed, don't try it.
  8. Don't do it. Its stupid
  9. Please......DO NOT smoke computer paper.
  10. #10 smokefizzle420, Feb 13, 2009
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    dude if you wanna do it the easy was do it like this:
    1. take cigarette
    2. get all tobacco and filter out
    3. get note card, count 3 lines from the bottom and tear, rollup so its short and fat
    4. stick it in the filter end of the cig and let it expand
    5. pack with weed
    6. smoke
    7. taste burning paper
    8. extinguish
    9. repeat

    and if you dont want to waste a cig, you can take a rollin paper since theyre cheaper and wrap it around a cig and seal it then start at step 3
  11. ya i just got a good idea and googled it lol:eek: comp paper has some bitchin bleach in it that is horibble for you, and its better to smoke paper from an old book, or rice paper lol.
  12. oh dude yess... computer paper is by far the best to roll joints with. I recommend hp paper, my favorite by far.. Office Max also has a good variety of paps.

    Oh yeah we also sometimes color the entire piece of paper with black or blue sharpie and then twist up a doobster.. Can you say HEADRUSH

    I'm high:smoking:
  13. Seriously, just buy some fuckin' Zig-Zags. It's only 1$ for a pack.
  14. Wow I am not Christian but not cool.
  15. ^
    its still just words on paper when you really get down to it

  16. true that. and realy the page u smoke has no words. so in other words the bible company wasted gods trees on empty space.
  17. seriously bro??? you seriously thought about using computer paper?

  18. Why else would there be blank pages in the back of the bible

  19. ^^^ This dude is a dick.
  20. No.


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