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joints with coke...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by waterhurley, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. hey. well ive had my go-around with coke and i cant touch it again... id get wicked addicted easily. well my friend was the one who got me to try it. he was only doing it recreationally every now and then. it was an expensive habbit. well i hadnt talked with him for 3 weeks. i saw him last night and now hes deffinatley addiced. hes selling it now so he can afford to keep his own stash. now instead of buying in 20 bags that weighed out to be .4g's (which isnt shit as those who know about coke) to buying full out 8-balls and killing them himself..

    well the point of this thread is to ask something. he sprinkled some coke on j last night as i was getting ready to leave. what exactly will that do to you if your not snorting it and smoking it in a j? can you even taste or tell the difference?
  2. coke on a j is nothing much. you may be able to taste a difference, based on coke::marijuana. it'll give you a very "slow" coke high if anything. you wont get the numbness but you will get the rush. a waste of money, i think.
  3. Fuck coke! Never did that shit...never will.
  4. cocaine blunts & hip hop tapes; the rich man's high, what it used to be...

    Title for a hip-hop blog I read. Never tried it, my dad has been addicted to cocaine throughout my life, and I havn't had any desire to touch the stuff because of it.
  5. Snort coke and smoke weed.....coke is to expensive to smoke like that, if you wanna smoke it cook it up

    EDIT: I did it once, and I felt something, I think it was placebo
  6. yeah you can tell the difference...your throat should get numb and you might get a bit of a rush but nothing like blowing some lines...
  7. Life five steezy said, fuck coke. I haven't done it before but that shit is bad for you.
  8. every day i was smokin chewy blunts wit my crew
    i got hella sick of it
  9. Jesus christ... I'm sick of everybody hatin' on coke. Coke is just a drug, nothing else to it. And, by coincidence (no fault of the coke) it's characteristics are harder for some people to cope with... there's no such thing as bad drugs, only stupid people.

    I encourage everyone to try coke, more than once. Then again, that goes for every drug, you can't condemn something you don't fully understand through research AND experience. And remember, any site ending in ".gov" does NOT count as research nor does thinking someone laced your weed and you have a "horrible" placebo effect count as experience.
  10. it's called a chewey over here. I heard it just makes your mouth all numb.
  11. You Speak Of Cocoa Puffs!
  12. yeah. all this talk about yay has got me to thinkin maybe i should go to my buddys house and blow a line... i dont think id get hooked if i just did it one more time...

  13. i feel ya emrandel.

    i see so many people saying "that shit is so bad for you. how could you do that?"

    sound familiar fellas?

    it's all propaganda, open your eyes to all of it.

    coke is insanely addicting. but i've done it a few times and i've loved it.

    i space each time i do it by at least a month if not 2 or 3 depending on the availability of it and if i feel like doing it.

    how can you bash on something i'm sure none of you bashers have tried?(with the exception of the kid who said his dad was addicted. that is a mental reason that i would never try to refute. he has seen it's dark side.)
  14. ehh i tried doin it but the bud was too dank and coke + water =nothing so i got screwed
  15. I wouldn't worry about your friend unless he starts cheating people and stealing or like selling things like computers or cars to help buy coke. Other wise if hes got the money why not.
  16. Again, I say...Fuck coke.
  17. folks around here call weed+coke chronic, i have no idea why, it deffinitly adds to the high though, it is a waste of coke though, but if its someone elses shit who cares :smoking:
  18. We just call coke in a joint a freezie around here. I've never tried it myself, I don't do drugs, haha :rolleyes:
  19. Off-topic, but,

    Meth? Ice? I'm not sure if there's anything positive about those. Then again I could just be a "brainwashed sheep."

  20. Well why do people do hard drugs? to alter their perception and have a good time. I think it's alright if you do it a couple of times.

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