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  1. I live in Texas and most people here fire up blunts,
    I've recently started using Raw papers to light up and I love it
    but I want to know the pros and cons of smoking a blunt or a J according to you guys, other than the "health" concerns. I have a couple pros and cons myself but I want to hear new ones!

  2. dude that is the exact same situation i am in. Ive been smoking blunts like crazy lately like 2 or 3 or more a day. but i got a pack of king size raws, they are the best papers i have ever used. and i have been using those instead of buying wraps.
  3. Joint pros-
    Get the taste of your weed, not the blunt wrap
    Don't have to use as much
    Pack of papers is as cheap as $1
    Joint cons-
    Tends to burn a bit faster
    Smells worse than a blunt, since the cigar wrap isn't covering the weed smell
    Blunt pros-
    Can add a cool new flavor to your weed, kik white grape, blueberry, peach etc.
    Blunt smell covers up the smell of the weed a bit, makes it easier to smoke in public
    Tends to burn longer than a joint
    Blunt cons-
    Tend to use more weed
    Most blunts are $.60-$1 a piece, as opposed to a pack of papers, where you can get 100 for a $1
    Blunt wraps harsher than the paper
    Hope this helped

    I personally like joints more than blunts. My favorite papers are the zig zag ultra thins, but when I do smoke blunts, I go with swisher blueberrys. Or white owlwhite grapes.
  4. I agree with Pepe, why on earth would you want to cover up the sweet taste of Ganja with some disgusting blunt wrap? Unless you are smoking really low grade stuff and need to cover up the flavor. I have never understood this "blunt craze" If you want to smoke a cigar then by all means light one of those nasty things up. 
    For years i have seen all kinds of young people smoking them, not once have I seen an old smoker say lets smoke a blunt rather than a J. For me personally smoking is not just lighting up and inhaling whatever you are burning. There is a complete experience to it. 
    From the time you pull out the first nug of bud inspect and smell it, then place it into the grinder and make sure it has all been grinded and fallen through from the top. As the grinder comes apart another smell is needed of the freshly ground bud...... ohhhhh so sweet! If I am rolling a J out comes the ultra thin Zig Zag so thin you can literally see through them and almost no added flavor from the paper. Usually a nice roll about half the size of a Lucky Strike. Before lighting I bring it to my lips and lightly inhale the fresh green taste. Then for the first light and inhale. Its like heaven, with every puff of the J brings another taste of that beautiful green flavor. Its like a fresh hit on a new bowl every drag on that J, until you end up with a nice little roach that you can throw into a container for future times when supplies are low. 
    That is an experience you dont get with a Blunt so J all the wayyyyyyy
  5. blunts burn slower, are a more relaxing, and (obviously because of the size) are a heavier, more intense smoke. I also like enjoying the flavor of the cigar; I prefer regular or"sweet" tobacco to the fruit flavor crap; but the most important pro of blunts is the rolling process. ITs just so enjoyable! I dunno about you but I've never enjoyed myself rolling a joint; if you want a decent one you have to use such a precise, almost mechanical motion that it just doesn't have ant flair to it if ya know what I mean. Roll a joint, its finished a minute later. You actually get to take your time and BUILD the blunt from the ground up, step by step; almost feels like making a sculpture or something to me haha
    some bad things about blunts are how resin-y the mouthpiece will get unless you use a crutch (and I HATE crutches on blunts, makes em smoke so harsh); and also as your blunt gets shorter inhaling that tobacco gets harsher and harsher. towards the end my jungs are dying!
    Joints are great if you're in a rush, they burn quick, roll quick, and are easy to chuck in your pack of cigs or something. Plus you get that pure taste of the weed (if you use good papers)
    I already mentioned that I don't like rolling joints but I'd say how fast they burn is both a pro and a con. Sometimes I'll have the fattest, tightly rolled jay and just be baffled by how quick its gone; seems to me like joints "waste"(subjective definition here) quite a bit more bud than even a badly rolled blunt.

    In the end, definitely all preference; but I gotta say I much prefer blunts in really every aspect. I seldon roll anything up; so on that rare occasion I do I'll definitely grab for the blunt first
  6. Have to disagree here, I've had joints burn for 8+ minutes, and I'll only have used .3 or.5 gs in it. A half gram blunt burns about 12 or so minutes for me. So you'reight, blunts definetly burn longer, but jonts don't burn up in a microscopic amount of time. Maybe it's all down to how you roll it? Totally agree with the rest of your points, I love the end product of rolling a blunt.
  7. How are joints for shitty weed? If anything, blunts would be for shitty weed, because the flavor of the wrap could cover the shtity weed taste. And I'm a white dude, I like blunts.
  8. Blehhhhh fuck blunts. They taste so gross. Why would you wanna ruin the taste of your beautiful herb??? Plus all the nicotine in the wrap is awful.

    Joints allllll the way.
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    My .5 joint burn 10-15 mins so it all about how you roll. 1 g joint will burn 20-30 mins depending if you can smoke it all lol.
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    Yeah I personally have rolled joints that regularly burn for 12 to 20 minutes...king size

    And 8 to as long as 11 minutes with 1.25s

    I use crutches on all j's I roll...

    I cannot get a blunt to hit well and burn longer than 15 minutes using 1.2 or less

    On occasion I will roll a 2g blunt and it will go for 20 to 25 but I hate smoking them this long
  11. blunts are great if you have a group. roll up a king size blunt and it can go around for 45min in a group of 5 ...I know a lot of folks that will only smoke blunts.
    I like blunts but I don't smoke them all that often unless I'm w/ a group. I smoke joints when it's just me or a couple people.
  12. BLUNTS FTW!!!
    i smoke blunts aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the time.Like i muuuuuuuuuuch rather prefer blunts.they last longer,the high isnt better per say but its different,and you get more bang for your buck.
    lets say you got a gram of some dank and you could either roll a king size raw,which i prefer when i do smoke joints,oooor roll a swisher?the joint will last 5 minutes max but the blunt will last atleeeeast double that.the placebo effect kicks in,the more you puff away the higher you start to feel.
    "Fuck rollin papers im a rebel bitch im ashin blunts"
    -Tyler The Creator
  13. first,no nicotine in wraps.its tobacco.not saying its better but nicotine is addictive,not tobacco.
    so you smoke weed because you like the way it tastes?not the smell or what it does to you?thats like doing coke cause it smells good -____-.i agree the herb is beautiful and i love it to death,and thats why when i smoke it i use blunts so i can spend more time with it :)
    i do enjoy a raw king size though.but still...i can roll the perfectest joints aaaand blunts and its just a fact blunts last longer and i just prefer the high.but hey,to each his own.
  14. Please..depending on what cigars you using they can complement the weed just great..
    I love the tastes of cigars,so I love blunts..the taste only gets harsh towards the end...but they burn so damn long.
    Dutch Vanilla for basic and doesn't overpower the weed.
  15. Blunts just have such a nice, sturdy feel to them while jays can be relatively fragile. But I honestly smoke jays more, just more economical than blunts.
  16. I like blunts to me they're very smooth and burn alongish time so I can sit and enjoy smoking and the smoke is thicker which I like and I really like the taste of weed and a grape white owl
  17. There is still nicotine in blunt wraps, nicotine is naturally found in tobacco just like thc is naturally found in cannabis, but the tobacco companies add more nicotine to cigs.
    And nobody ever said they smoke weed only for the taste... When I toke I want it to be as enjoyable as possible, taste is a big factor in that, as well as the high. I love the taste of herb, not tobacco or any synthetic flavor they throw in there... I even hate flavored papers.
  18. I love both but when it comes down to it joints are more of an every day smoke and blunts are saved for partys or special occasions where you have multiple people toking. 
    My favorite thing about blunts is matching the flavor of the cigar to the flavor of weed so they both complement each other in a way its like art. 
  19. Blunts are only for very special occasions, ie. Dexter season 8 premier this sunday. Joints can be smoked as i please so really i dont compare the two too much.
  20. Spliffs all day :smoking:

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