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Joints Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Reaper894, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Hi All
    Been smoking for appromixately 5-6 years now and smoked cigarettes for 5 of those. I gave up about 3-4 months ago but I still roll with tobacco in my spliffs.
    For me and everyone I know from youngers to older it is the norm to smoke spliffs with tobacco in. I have been dying to kick the grim stuff completely but I just can't afford to smoke it pure all the time as sometimes I will have a nice chillout J that wouldn't burn properly without tobacco... Decent grade is expensive round where I live and I always say quality over quantity.
    Any one else really struggled to make the switch and if so, how easy did you find it? Were you stressed at work etc?
    As a side note thought I should mention I don't contaminate glassware with tobacco.. Smoking bongs/pipes is always straight green as it should be.
    Serious answers only please, i'm new ;)

  2. First off, welcome to the city. Please keep all arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times; no flash photography, it frightens the trolls :smoke:
    Are you British? Or, god forbid, any other sort of European? I only ask because tobacco in joints isn't quite so popular elsewhere in the world. Weed was a gateway drug for me, so to speak. Like the good Englishman I am, I started smoking pot with tobacco mixed in but eventually picked up a cigarette habit as a result. When it came time to quit (I never really quit, I'm still a social smoker), having the tobacco in my joints helped ease the cravings. I ended up smoking a lot more weed as a result, but eventually started using less mix and then cut it out entirely.
    Using that method, I definitely found it easier to quit. After a stressful day, smoking a joint is more relaxing than that cigarette ever was.
    Good on you for quitting thus far. If you're really committed to cutting nicotine out of your life entirely, maybe you ought to switch to glassware or invest in a vape so you're not tempted to mix in the tobacco.
    So you quit but you didn't quit, right?  :cool:
  4. I just smoke pure herb and then smoke a cig or two after haha
  5. Get an ecig, problem solved. Hot your ganja, then hit your ecig. I like a nice Blueberry Menthol flavor to cool down my throat after a hot gravity bong hit. :) plus it tastes great, lets the cilia in your lungs come back to life and start moving the tar out, and you're not withdrawing. Plus it's cheap as fuck compared to cigarettes.Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  6. Personally it was never a question for me, I actually haven't smoked a cigarette as it doesn't seem to do much for those who smoke, other than buy a pack a day... If you want to roll a pure J but not waste too much, just roll a "pinner" - a small joint with maybe .2-.3 in it...Should give you a nice buzz still and it will definitely burn fine, as long as it is properly rolled.
  7. #7 Reaper894, Jan 14, 2014
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 14, 2014
    Thanks for the welcome mate! Thanks for the heads up, i'll turn the flash off ;)
    Good to see a fellow Brit in the forums! Wasn't sure on how many of us there would be haha. Ahh I unfortunately did it the wrong way haha I I started smoking fags a few weeks before I started smoking weed so the two just went hand in hand, in school we used to smoke a spliff, then a fag straight afterwards as our logic was we would smell more of fag smoke than weed, our teachers never minded much about fags so since school I have had to deal with tobacco :( And fair play for doing it that method. That's similar to how im trying to approach it now but I just find myself smoking a spliff when I would normally smoke a fag, which is fine until work lol
    Yeah that's how i'm trying to play it but I still find a get a similar cough after smoking a spliff than I did after a fag. No where near the severity but still that little niggling feeling of nicotine which plays on my mind
    Cheers mate! It's been more sort of a passive fight than thinking about it too much to be honest.. I think I more miss the habit of rolling cigarettes haha. That's not a bad plan to be fair.. what a shame that would be aha ;)
    Pretty much ;)
    I almost wish I could :( My cough got so bad! I got glandular fever for 2 weeks while working in a warehouse but carried on working+smoking as normal and then went to a free party for new years and just never bounced back really.. Every cold I got turnt into a chest infection and I started coughing up a bit of blood so I thought fuck this lol!
    Now that my friend is a good shout.. I actually tried my first e-cig the other day when I was in a foul mood and it was quite nice! How long do they last for per charge?
    Well I just smoked a spliff but that's a good enough reason to have another one as any! good lad ;) Would you recommend standard skins or king skins? Also what thinkness of rizla? I always smoke the bob skin pure hemp rizla that you have to pack to roll properly.. Would they work ok or should I move onto red skin rizla?
    Thanks for all your replies guys :)
    Edit - Went outside and sparked the J and the sweet smell of tha erb wafted up my nose. Whilst revelling in the unadultered smell of weed I suddenly thought ah yes.. stronger smell to me and my neighbours.. I think my street is in the neighbourhood watch so I don't anticipate this one ending well sadly as I do try and be considerate of others who choose not to smoke. I try to keep my smoking on the donwlow as much as possible and I think this might be too much aha ;) I think I may have to only smoke pure when at my mates where we can smoke inside...
  8. Well there tons of ecigs to choose from, but generally the battery will last all day, charge it at night. Fluid is cheap as hell for how long it lasts. Highly recommend it...also blowing clouds in Wal-Mart or the movie theater is relaxing and funny. (Sit in the back though haha)Sent from my HTC6435LVW using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. If ur worried about spending more money invest in a vape ur ganja will last u much longer

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