joints/blunts vs. pipes

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  1. what are the pros and cons of joints/blunts vs. pipes?
    what is healthier to smoke?
  2. Best to worst
    Pipe/Bong > J > Blunt

    It's still smoke though, so if you're really concerned about your lungs then you should consider vaping. Look into the Silver Surfer, that's what I have. Unless you want to spend $500+ on a Volcano.
  3. I'd have to agree with the above statement.
    Pipes and Bongs are easier because you can pack em and go.
    Joints are a little tricky cause not everyone can roll.
    Vaping is the healthiest that I know of if thats the route you're looking for.
    Personally I have a bowl because of how fast and easy it is to smoke, and because I never seem to have papers.
  4. joints and blunts are good because you can eat them if the cops pull you over. so they are only good if your smoking on the road. otherwise pipes/bongs are the best. pipes are portable too so they are better in that way. but a bong can fuck your world up. it all depends on the occasion for what one is the best.
  5. I love fat Ls but if you want healthier and better smoke bongs are a way to go, bowls,pipe,spoon are great outside but bubblers annoy the fuck out of me since you have to refill the water cuz you blow that shit out with the ash.
  6. Blunts and joints are good for on the go. Only takes 2 fingers to hold.

    Their bad for conserving weed though (in some cases. You could take a few hist and put it out for later) as they constantly burn.

    Pipes and bongs are good for conserving your weed as they normally don't take as much as a joint or blunt.

    Pipes and blunts are not really as handy as blunts or joints when on the move. When stationary their useful. They also take atleast a full hand to hold. Possibly limiting yourself when driving.

    In terms of Health Vaping and Edibles are best. Both do not release smoke, and both are (normally both, some people don't get high off edibles.) highly potent.
  7. sweet. thanks :)

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