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Joint Twist

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grasshopper91, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. A lot of us do it. I do it too. I just never understood why. I do it because that's how I was taught, but I've always though there has to be a reason. Any ideas?

    I'm referring to the twist done at one end of a joint after rolling is finished.
  2. Keeps the weed in and makes for an easier light when there is more paper for the fire to start on.
  3. so nuthin falls out when ur carryin it.

  4. Exactly This.
  5. i just do it because it looks official.

  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    In order to pack a joint tight enough to prevent spillage out the end, it would be too tight to burn well:smoke:

    Been rollin' J's since '69:eek:, gotta put a lil' twist on 'em:smoke:
  7. I do it so no bud falls out after I'm done. I was just thinking about this also.
  8. cuz man thats the way it is. and it keeps the bud all warm and cozy
  9. Haha thanks everyone. I had never even thought about NOT twisting until I saw a video where a guy rolled a cone with no twist. It was strange.

  10. 90% of the time i don't twist either end, i just leave about 1/8" of "free space" at the ends and usually after it's rolled up it comes out almost flush, with just enough emptyness to keep from getting anything in your mouth.

    If shits falling out the end or kinda loose i'll twist it up and bite it off though.
  11. If I'm just sitting at home I won't twist.

    But if I need to move Mr. Doobie from point A to point B I twist it up!

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