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Joint sizes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HazyJ, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. So i was just wondering what your average size joint is that you smoke?
    Mine, probs 1g a joint sometimes bigger, thats just joints not blunts.
    So whats yours?
  2. last time I rolled anything it was blunts and I rolled 2 quad blunts because I had free weed @ my disposal.
  3. I roll tiny joints because I'm usually on the go when I roll 'em, and I don't like to be too baked in public.
  4. probably just over a g..
  5. I put maybe a gram or less on my personal joins cuz I always get the dankest sh!t eva I bet with .5g of my bud would fuck up any1 but I usually just roll a .8 to a gram on my personal joints...when I am sharing it with a few friends I usually have about 3g's in em but these are my blunts and they depend on ocasion and how much herb I got. :smoking::wave:
  6. anywhere from a .5 to 1.2 depending on if I have king sized papers or if I'm with a buddy or something. And you mean less than 1, not -1, right? Should be < 5
  7. Lol, yes i do mean less than 1 but i was certain people would realize because you cannot smoke a negative amount of weed, but im high so w.e
  8. lol why not just use a glass piece, joints & blunts are such a waste to use on a daily basis
  9. Blunts 2-3g
  10. I do most of the time use a glass pipe or bong, but i was just asking the question..
  11. might as well use a blunt if ur plannin on using a gram
  12. About a half gram if it's good, a gram if it's just mids.
  13. .2-.4 g usually.

    Not pinners, about the size of a bowl. That way it's like a portable bowls worth of weed.
  14. I found that the weight of tobacco in a regular cigarette .7 grams.... works best for me.
  15. Haha!.

    Probably 1~2gs for 2 people.
    up to 5 people.
    Never get too high, that's when I bring my piece :p
  16. I'm a pothead, I don't have a plan, in turn I just roll what I'm feeling at the time.

    Also I've been smoking joints a lot lately, more so than with glass I like the oral fixation- similar to that of a cigarette.
  17. Spliffs all the way!
    But nothing beats a milky bong hit, although it does come close.
  18. 3 gram joint - Mendocino pinner
  19. i like em small .2 or .3 if its daank, or else its just run run run all ur $$ is up in smoke when ur not hitting it

    regs tho i go all out usually like a g
    reg blunts are around 2g
  20. My joints are always 1 or more grams on king size papers. Love that shit..

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