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  1. I have a glass on glass steamroller and im looking to buy an ashcatcher for it. Can anyone tell me how to measure the joint size.
  2. if your index finger can fit well in it, probably 18mm, just the tip 14mm. or just measure the diameter with anything, if it isn't in metric, convert it. the difference between approximations in inches converted to mm would be noticeable easily between 14/18mm

    i am a guy with what i would consider normal guy hands, not sausage fingers at all but not tiny or anything at all.
  3. get an A/C made for a inline bong with a male joint the points strait down instead of one that points down at 45 degrees, assuming the GonG joint on your steamroller points up. That will be a cool setup

  4. yea if i can find an inline for a good price. that would be perfect. Right now i have an ascatcher but its doesnt have a slide so the smoke gets stuck in it and gets stale. Its almost unbearable unless I smoke dank.
  5. i suggest you get a bong or other water piece then :D

    also, just checked, my pinkie fits all the way in the 18, and only the first joint can go in the 14.
  6. For the time being just "toot" your A/C. By that I mean clear it by blowing down the bowl and just blowing out the stale smoke. Might be a waste but it won't be stuck in there.

    I don't see the point of buying an A/C for a steamroller. Just get a bong with a large chamber. If I were to hook anything up to an A/C that wasn't a bong it would be one of those j-hooks meant to turn them into bubblers.

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