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joint size

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tpmcclear, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. im not exactly new to smoking but ive never got in to the specifics of bong smoking. what is a joint in a bong? and what does its size matter? dont answer the first question if another name for a bong joint is a slide
  2. ...What?
  3. the joint is the hole that the slide goes into. The size varies depending on the size of the slide
  4. Do you mean putting a joint into a bong's bowl? If so this seems a little pointless to me.
  5. The joint isn't actually a "marijuana joint" two different things with the same name. The joint on a bong is glass.. and im sure you know what the other joint is

  6. No, I've seen it done. Tulip joints mostly.

    Op, you lost me.

  7. If it is what I think then we call that the female piece. Or tube.
  8. exactly. The end of the female piece that sicks out of the bong is the joint. The joint size is the diameter of that end of the female piece. You need to know the joint size of your bong to know what size bowls you can put in it.

  9. I see, ok. Yeah I've just never heard it in those terms before.
  10. It determines air flow.

    For example you wouldn't want to breathe through a drinking straw because it is so narrow it doesn't give enough air. Tryin to inhale deeply through it quickly would cause "drag". When there is resistance from too much air that is trying to be pulled through a hole (or bubbled under too deep of water). On the other end of the spectrum you wouldn't want the too much airflow or the smoke would be too hot.

    Depending on the size of the bong they usually either use 14mm or 18mm "glass joints" which is where the bowl and downstem fit together.

    Like if it's a ten inch straight glass tube it's probably a 14mm joint. If it's a 20 inch bong with two percs and an ashcatcher (things that add drag) they usually have an 18mm joint to compensate.

    Depending on the make of the bong they try to give it enough airflow to pull with no drag, and clear easily.

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