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Joint Run?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bKush, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. im not an apprentice toker but ive only really smoked 1 joint.

    but what does it mean when a joint runs?
  2. burns quickly down one side usually
  3. When one side burns faster than the other, usually ends with your joint falling apart earlier than you'd prefer it to.
  4. I've also heard people calling it "canoeing" here.
  5. ooooo okay that makes sense.

    thanks guys ^_^
  6. Wow i've never heard anyone use that term before... we call it sideburning. :p
  7. yeah and if it happens put just a tiny tiny little bit of your spit or on the side thats burning too fast :smoking: should slow it down and even it out a little
  8. I've heard "boating"

    But yeah, the quick solution to that is to just dab a little spit on the area that's burning fast and that usually evens it out
  9. I refer to it as Elvising, because it looks it can look like Elvis' hair with paper hanging over one side. :p but yeah just lick the tip of your finger pretty good and run it down the side that's burning too fast.

    Methods of prevention are to make sure everything is well ground and packed evenly, making sure that the paper doesn't fold back on itself when you're rolling up your joint, and I always cut the papers narrower so I use as little paper as possible.

  10. Same here in NY

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