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    It's always annoying when you've got a lit joint but need 2 free hands to do something. With a couple basic school/office supplies you'd find on your desk you can make either of these 2 rests. All you need is a binder clip, paperclip, and some tape.
    My favorite of the 2 designs is just an unfurled paperclip taped to the end of a black binder clip. I use a small ceramic dish as an ashtray, but my spliffs always seem to slip in and get ash all over the roach end. Just clip this over the ashtray and you can slide the joint's roach over the paperclip and it'll sit there over the ashtray away from the grime. You need to leave both of the binder clip's regular silver arms (the things you squeeze to open the clip) in place so you can actually move it!
    *Note that this only works if you're using a roach.
    1.1.jpg 1.2.jpg
    The second design (pics 3-4) is nice because it will work on any flat surface regardless of what you're smoking, roach or not. However it only works while your joint is still sufficiently long. Unfurl a paperclip so that you've got an M shape with long outer legs. You can either tape this into place or bend the bottom ends outward so the paperclip fits into the binder clip just like one of its arms would. You can then rest the lit end in the crook of the paperclip, using the end one of the clip's arms to prevent the roach end from sliding across the table and slipping away.
    You can probably see in that picture that, because of the resulting angle at which the joint rests, this stand only works for about the first 1/3 of a joint.
    To resolve this you may staple a staple (there should really be a way of saying this which doesn't sound so silly) around the clip's arm so you've got an additional brace for the roach end closer to the paperclip's crook. You'll need to secure the staple from sliding by either using pliers to tighten its grip or simply wrapping a small piece of tape around the arm behind the staple to stop it from sliding back. This allows you to rest the joint at a greater angle so the rest will work for smaller lengths.
    2.1.jpg 2.2.jpg
    Hope this can help or inspire at least one person. Happy smoking!

  2. I do something very similar with my joints. Since heat rises, I imagine that the joint lasts longer since the heat is rising away from the joint between hits. I might be wrong but, screw it.
  3. nice gizmo!
  4. I too have wondered how much of an effect resting a joint upright has on how long it'll continue to burn. When using these it'll just kinda burn out on its own without running down any further.
  5. really im never pissed by that cause ill sacrifice a hand to get high
  6. or you can just put it in your mouth?

    and continue smoking while your hands are busy!

    but good try!

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