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Joint Pain. Suggestions?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by LiaTheMagpie, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. Hi there. So I have been having chronic pain since middle school, and I know what I did to cause it I think, but I am looking for advice on the best strains to use to reduce pain without being super foggy-headed or lethargic as my job is very quick paced.
    In middle-school I dislocated my left hip, and four years later I tore my PCL in my left knee, thoroughly screwing that leg. I've been limping on it ever since, I couldn't afford the PT to treat the injuries, and now I have to live with the consequences.
    The odd thing to me is that its my RIGHT hip and knee that actually give me the most pain, I'm assuming from compensating for the other leg.
    Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

  2. White strains and kush strains are gonna be your best bet.

    Make em into edibles, and figure out the dosage you need, starting a small bit at a time. The technical details are this:

    the higher ratio of CBD:THC the more pain relief. So indica's such as White Widow and Afghan Kush give more CBD than Sativa's like Haze and Skunk.
    Are you looking to grow or buy? As growing is your best bet for MMJ
  3. I don't know anything about growing, I'm honestly pretty new to smoking culture at all.
    So if I understand correctly the more pain relief the stronger the indica in the strain, however stronger indicas also tend to make you drowsy right? Is there any way to balance that effect or is it unavoidable to get the pain relief?
  4. i rub a lotion from doc green called therapeutic healing cream on my arthritic wrist,knee from previous acl reconstruction and shoulder that had surgery on 10 weeks ago.the product does have cannabis in it and if you put enough on you do get high. but the great thing is it almost instantly eliminates my pains. ya,that good! research doc green on the web.
    other than that yes indica strains make you tired/lazy good for nite time. and sativas are more daytime reefer when you need to be functional. smoking works ok. but in my opinion vaporizing your reefer makes the pain go away the best.
     the lotion is good stuff!
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    edc is giving you the best advice there is for pain.  If you want to smoke because you like smoking that is fine you can do both if you want, but a well made MMJ topical right where it hurts works better for pain than any thing I've ever had in my life.  My blog is missing right now or I'd offer my recipe.......  There are lots of recipes out there.
    There are strain independent factors that can be controlled in a few ways to change whether the medicine is intoxicating or not.  The variables are easy:
    1) How strong did you make it?
    2a) How much surface area do you need to cover?
    2b) How much medicine are you going to cover the area with?
    There is also the question of carboxylated (made with mostly uncooked fresh plant rosins less intoxicating) or decarboxylated (Cooked kind of, and more intoxicating)
    When I started treating pain I tried to limit intoxication by limiting dose but dosing several times a day. I found I had pain I was not treating well that way and prefer to rub on one really large dose at bedtime.  I sometimes spot treat pain after exercise too but normally only need the medicine at bed time.  Epically if pain is disturbing sleep the intoxication can be therapeutic instead of a nuisance.  The ability to make both formulas will allow you to have a day time and a night time medicine.
    Regularly scheduled use works better in my experience than PRN.  It is a mistake for me to say "It doesn't hurt much tonight I think I'll skip a dose."  I usually pay for it for a few days when I do.
    Any way the other thing is that exercise will help once you have adequate pain control.  Besides the pinched nerves in my back I had my right leg reassembled twice in the same year a few years ago.  In the spring I broke my knee in a car wreck then in the fall while I was rehabbing I fell & broke right ankle.  Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga are all highly recommended as well as walking.  With an instructor would be better but a book or video could help get you started.
  6. Thank you both very much :)
  7. Look for bud with more cbd in it. Hybrids are good so u can get ur relief but still be functional. Stretching will help and a lil working out will go a long way.

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  8. Wow I never heard of using it as a topical pain reliever. I hope you can share the recipes as to how to make them. I think it would be a life saver. I smoke now and am getting my mmj card next week. The first time I smoked was the first time in over 13 years that I didn't have pain. It was really a shock. Thanks for the post.
  9. Bless you.  
    I'm too new at this to understand much, but in time, with angels like you to help, I'll get the hang of it.  
    My problem is that I live in a state where it's not legal.  *sigh*

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