Joint I rolled.

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Grady, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. Just looking for opinions.
    It smoked all the way down, burned nice and even.

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  2. lookstasty
    if it burned nice then it means it was a perfect J ,
  3. Looks like it should one wants a J with gaps/empty spaces inside, too flexible, etc. Should be packed with a good amount, flamed to shrink the paper and get it nice and tight...that's what I believe a good J is, and this looks like it :hello:
  4. Looks good dont have hair on your legs :S lol u a dude right? its ok i shave my leg hair too.

  5. *cough* *cough* :rolleyes:
  6. Haha...
  7. pufffff:smoking:


    you guys are funny

    puffffffffffffffff, puffffffffffffff:smoking:

    (yes i am curently smoking a J)

    im too stoned i dotn even knwo why im writting this
  8. yeah same here dude people think im gay for the shaved leg post prlly but i was just having a good time messin around and tokin lol
  9. Thankss guys.
    No its just the angle, ha.
  10. question????how was the paper? did it have a taste? i have always wanted to buy flavored papers but noone i never knew bothered with them
  11. To be honest with you, i couldnt taste much of a diffrence.
    But they were nice papers regardless.
  12. plus they look legit too
  13. I had orange papers with oranges on em...juicy j sent me a free pack of em for playing some online game.
  14. Yeah they look pretty rad.
    They smell like strawberries to.:hello:
  15. I had the same experience with a juicy j orange paper...could really taste it at all. Nice looking J man
  16. Thanks man.
  17. I had some blueberry papers once. I couldn't really taste much of a difference and they suck too roll with. I think that I'll stick with zig zags for now on, yo.
  18. Yeah the only complaint I had about these papers was alot of the gums were shit, so it took me forever to get a good paper.

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