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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mickey.T, May 17, 2002.

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  1. Well I have been down today and everything is going well I have to go down in a months time to set a test, if I pass that then I have to do a fitness test then if I pass that I get sent to a camp to stay there for a few days to see what been in the army is all about.

  2. Best of luck to ya Mickey, I\'m a veteran, and don\'t regret 1 min. of the time I served for my country!!!Got to see a Lil\' of this big ole\' world, and learned some valuable life lessons. :smoking:

    If you enlist, keep your head down and your mouth shut, and NEVER,NEVER, let me repeat,NEVER volunteer for ANYTHING!! LOL :D: :D:
  3. a mugs game. Fuck war and shit man. Hell who wan\'s to die for a flag? If you are in the army you are in it for one reason- to KILL AND I COULD NOT KILL EVER- unless my life depended on it which it wouldn\'t cos i\'m not joining the forces...

    War\'s dumb....
  4. Good luck!
    I hope you enjoy it.

  5. The Military also provides DEFENSE, without it you would now be speaking German, or some other language. Unfortunately our world is FAR from utopic, and without defense the strong would only prey on the weak. :smoking:
  6. Do you wanna know what the hardest thing i\'m finding to do...stoping smoking weed :( i have went three days now so i just hope i can keep it up :)


  7. Hey man that\'s kinda funny- I DO speak german... hehehe...

    I see ur point totally. But I beleive that I could NEVER kill, myself, which is my point. WWII is the only just war I could name out of thousands (that and the events of The Star Wars Trillogy and the Lord of the Rings [​IMG])

    But if that\'s what u\'ve decided to do T man then fine- i\'ve just decided to put my energy into more... constructive methods of making the world a better place.

    peace... or war....


  8. You\'re a strong enough person, I\'m sure if you truly set your mind to it, you\'ll succeed!! :smoking:
  9. That goes for me too...

    Ya got that right cowboy....NEVER volunteer for ANYTHING....LOL


  10. Orrrrr shucks saxman what would i do without your kind words :)

  11. LOL, I\'m sure you\'d get by somehow!! lol :D: :smoking:
  12. Good luck!!! Hope you have fun & you enjoy yourself. What you\'re doing is sacrificing alot, to back your country up. I\'m not sure about the UK but in America, the military\'s hard work gave us many freedoms we have today. I have respect for your decision and wish you safety!

  13. Good Luck Mickey! It\'s hard to stop smoking. I wish you luck with that.
    I wish no one needed to sign up for any army. I hope you do ok, and everything goes well for you!

  14. I passed my written test yesterday I got 47 out of 60 so I thought I done okay I have a good choice of stuff I can do in the army because I had a good score, I have chosen to do Tank Engineering as I am hoping that one will pay more and its a good trade to have on your back as well so I\'m happy with how this is all going. Also I spoken to the army about my \"habits\" and they said that I would be fine smoking it until the day I go in :) so I\'m sure you can all guess what Mickey has been up to hehehehehe :)

    Take it easy
  15. A big HIGH 5!!!!!! :D :D

  16. no way!!! u can just tell the army that shit?!!! woah! i guess they a little more liberal than i thought! ;p

    its good to see
    Mickey T
    dont want to be
    Mickey T

    enemy tanks will flee
    from the tanks of T

    aaaand i\'m done.
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