Johnny Appleseed, the first pothead

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  1. Ok, no one has ever eaten an apple, and been like, "Oh my god, the entire world must know about this. I must allow everyone to taste this god fruit." It doesn't happen, it's apples. So, I think Johnny was smokin some MJ one day. And he was like, "Woah, I'm spreadin this around, everyone's gotta try this." (makes more sense right?) So he went oh with nothing bud a fat potato sack of seedy seedy buds and a pot on his head (as I was always told by teachers and parents.) I think for cooking, as he could mix the seeds with anything and make it more nutritious because it's a super food. But he went on his way planting seeds, and was called a "pot head" for the pot on his head. But stupid people were like, "You mean like because he smokes weed?" Or maybe people followed along with him and were all called pot heads and it stuck. But doesn't that make much more sense??
  2. Are you stoned?
  3. Dude,i know exactly what you mean,out of every bag i buy i always save the seeds and give i to my friend,evvery month he always rides around and throws em in random ditches haha....always thought of him as a modern day johny appleseed
  4. Makes sense to me :laughing:
  5. "give it*" didnt spell that right
  6. Lol, no, he actually planted apple trees.. He would look for areas where new settlers were likely to settle and start planting apple trees. Wasn't random, it was his business plan actually, but he was generous with it.

    We could/should all become Johnny Weedseeds though.

  7. man i wish i was as high as your are right now...
  8. Then where are these "apple trees" you speak of?
  9. Yeah, I randomly plant seeds everywhere. Figure if anything happens to make it, someone will get some weed.
  10. Seeing as it was 150-200 years ago, probably dead. A few originals might still be alive and kicking it in the orchards he started.

    You can't just plant an apple seed and expect to get apples, they'll make crab apples. They need to be grafted. That's what he did, wasn't just randomly throwing them around.

    Another random fact, all the apples you eat (unless a sour crab apple) are clones.
  11. Then that almost guarentees that he was fucking around with weed and not apples.

    And MJ used to grow EVERYWHERE, all over the country. There was even "ditch weed". You NEVER see that with apples, and they have NEVER been declared a weed, or made illegal.
  12. You know what would be sweet,if someone owned a crop duster and just flew all over the damn place droppin seeds everywhere haha...

  13. Don't own a duster, but that's basically what I do around town. Anywhere I go, I drop seeds in the ground. Over 200 by now.
  14. I want some of what your smoking dude
  15. haha cool idea man :smoke:

    I've found weed plants at a park here before, they were still itty bitty babies tho. :p

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