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  1. thats my name and i,m 23
    livin in east tennesse
    been smokin for ten years off and on,
    and theres not an argument on this earth that could
    convince me to quit
    i visit a lot of sites about legalization
    and i think the "WAr" on drugs is crap
    read alot on growing....but haven't had much luck
    and i don't use a lot of puntuation or capitals when i type
    glad to be come the g in "glad" doesn't have a loop until you go to the next line?
  2. High john <image src="" border="0">

    Welcome to Grass City an I hope you enjoy the forums..:D:D:D Stay cool an grow big Budz..

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  3. the banjo music from dileveranc poped into my head when i read that. jk
    welcome to the board name

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