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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Dreeker, May 2, 2003.

  1. Is it like 60$ for just ONE seed? or do u get ? amnt?

    and johhnyreefer seed, what should i do, just fill out the stuff and sent it to him? will i get seeds after i pay 3$?
  2. usually u get like 10 seeds but it might be 15 or 20, probobly 10 tho form most places
  3. Johny is definitely worth it, if you can send him extra cash and ask him if he can throw in a few for some buddies and he will, but not all of them make it... but that is normal alot of shit is lost everyday....
  4. HIGH All, oh ya Johnnyreeferseed is worth it. Just fill his form seriously and you'll recieve.
  5. i filled in his form ~7 days ago, havent received email, should i fill it in again?
  6. HIGH All, did you fill out the request form the way JRS wants it?

    "Quote from Johnnyreeferseed"

    I've reviewed probably 20 seed requests in the past week and have turned down at least half of them. If you want seeds from this site you must be able to read and follow directions. You must fill out ALL fields, answer all the questions. For crying out loud, there's only TWO of them, one if you really get down to it.

    Johnny will not send seeds to minors.

    Johnny will only send seeds to people who can demonstrate that they are aware of their local laws and enforcement practices regarding cultivation of cannabis. Responses to the question where you are asked to describe your local laws and penalties like, "ridiculus" or, "its ilegle but i done care," or, "i love pot. dude," or,"God bles ya for doen this for everyboody," just won't cut it. It sure won't get you any seeds from JRS. I don't do this for "everyboody." Just people that can read, follow directions and put together a coherent sentence.

    I'm not looking for college entrance essays. And you don't need to quote me entire sections of your local criminal code, either--although some have and it has been kind of interesting reading, so feel free. What I do need to see are sincere, thought out responses in the two major fields that would lead me to believe that you are an adult and that you have given this some thought, that growing pot isn't just a "whim of the week."

    BTW, I am aware that English is not the first language of many of our members and seed requesters. But frankly, most of the non-english speakers requesting seed use the language bettter than requests coming from native speakers. No one is being turned down for seed due to English not being their first language, plenty are being turned down for poor, inadequate responses to the questions.

    If you want our seeds, you gotta play the game our way.

    If you anserwed All of his questions the way he wants should see something in two or so weeks.
  7. ait, filled it in wrong, going back to fill in right now
  8. there wouldnt happen to be a link to the site now would there? lol
  9. when they asked me if i knew the laws around here i replied "keep low and you can grow" and i recieved an email back the next day!
  10. I need to know if he sends seeds stealth because if he cant,
    i cant order

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