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  1. FIgured i would make one and get some inputs from the community.

    I am currently germing one Femmed Blue Dream, and one femmed Sour OG.

    I had built and setup my rubbermaid upright box and setup some tester bagseeds in soil for two weeks to verify my box was wasn't. 
    it was far to hot and not nearly enough circulation. 

    so tomorrow on payday, i will be buy more stuff for the box. right now i have:

    the box, 34 Gal rubbermaid storage tote. roughly 2x2x3

    4 23w CFL 6500k's & 8 23w 2700k CFLs on stanby when flower time.

    4" cooling desk fan, for intake. (it has mini freon coils and heat sinks so it blows cool air)

    passive exhaust(PROBLEM 1).
    24 timer
    aluminum Foil liner(PROBLEM 2)
    the lights are affixed to the top of the box, stationary.(PROBLEM 3) so the pot needs to be raised to the lights preventing good airflow to the plants. the the light zone they need to be in is too hot.

    so on tomorrow i will make an adjustable lighting rig, buy 3 more fans:eek:ne mini ocsilator for the inside, and 2 exhausting. the lights will be increased to 8 6500Ks.

    and a roll of mylar sheeting to line it.

    and a themometer/hydromter combo

    i will be getting fox farm for the soil. and nutes i havent decided. what ever Sea Of Green has that i can find people have had success with growing bud. 

    once those issues are remedied the box will be perfect.

    my planned growing style as i dont want figure out a screen device for this, is just to SOG them. while topping. maybe some FIMs too cuz i got shrek hands. lol

    but all in all i'm glad i had a week and a half to watch some bagseeds grow and react to the box as it is now. I will start pics once the seeds pop.

  2. Okay so i dont have pics yet, as my phone was dead, but the seeds popped and have been placed in their pots just waiting for them to break top soil. 
    Like i said prior, i am using fox farm ocean forest soil. bought that today.
    Got some test strips for my water and goddamn is my tap water shit. PH for my tap is 8.5 to 9. thats high, so no good! im gonna need to either buy R/O or do something about the tap.

    Replaced the aluminium with Mylar. 
    Lights are up to 6 CFLs now, though i have a whole pack more of them. 

    the old pot with the bagseed sprouts are now outside, growing by nature. other than water, they will be no longer be bothered with.

    so i WILL post pics as soon as these two break free and start to grow.

    the ph in the old soil had to be above 10. toxic. no wonder those bag seedlings stunted so bad and started twisting.
    we'll call it DAY 1, when they're above soil. will keep ya'll posted
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    FIrst pics are of the original bagseed plants that i used to test the setup of my box, then brought outside. The were initially in the same pot but now have their own homes. those are in the WHITE pots. 

    the second pics are of the Blue Dream ,and Sour OG(?) seedlings. they are in the BLACK pots.
    The BD and SoG are growing kinda strangely. the are not spreading ou at all. as you can see in the pics they are bunched up like carrots top. they are growing great and show no other bad or peculiar signs, just that. i am new to CFL grow so im not sure. the outdoor plants are doing phenominally. out in the sun as a long as its out and brought inside at night to prevent cold stress. the "WTF ever" seeds that i throw in a random uncared for pot, are alos doing fairly well. lol

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  4. Well the babies are doing well. they already have as many leaf nodes as the other plants that are three times as old! 
    They are not stretching in the least bit. they are actually growing very tight, dense. That makes me very hopeful for the next few months
    I will try and see if i can take some pics to update but i fucked up my cell phone so it may be tricky. lol 

    oh yeah the outdoor plants are doing fairly well also. one is getting over transplant shock, but i can see has perked up and will be back on track in no time. 'something' also took a big chunk of leaf at some point too. i really dont care too much about the outsiders, but the presence of spider-mites makes me sad. theres nothing i can do about them. my house has more plant life than an equivalently sized piece of the amazon. all tropical dense lush plants(my father is a green thumb) so sourcing and killing the mites would be impossible. Any Ideas on what to do for the individual plants outside?
  5. LST'd both outdoor plants yesterday, can already see the difference. I went to top the healthier of the two, and fimmed instead. ohwell maybe it will be better?

    The two good ones in the box are still doing fine, they seemed to have slowed down a bit so im not sure what to do there. but it maybe just that i spend all day with them so i dont notice the growth as much.

    Started Veg nutes for the outdoor plants and will start on the box girls next week.

    I will use another phone for the pics. will post them in about an hour or so. maybe then with a side by side i we will see how much they really grew.

    I'm thinkin they may be Auto's but i dont know for sure, the guy i got the seeds from said only the strain and he got them from humboldt. he *thinks* they may be autos. 
  6. Transplanted the Good girls to their final homes. put a 16th dose of big grow nutes to boost them up a tid bit during transplant shock. Though none of my plants ever really get it, im good at transferring pots.

    forgot to put the Outdoor girls back outside this morning so they will be getting some supplemental light today til i go to work tomorrow. they didnt seem to mind though.

    Oh yeah, got rid of the box entirely as the room the box used to be a growroom back in the 80's i found out. lol so now its once again a grow room. :hello: 

    I promise i will put up pics today!
  7. Holy crap! within hours the Good Girls responded great to their new homes! I love that new growth color, i hadnt seen it in a few days cuz they were cramped up in those little pots. but like two hours in the new pots and new growth started! im happy my plants are happy.

    I'm thinking FUCK AZAMAX right now though. Day after the first treatment on the Outdoor Girls, one of them got chewed the fuck up by mites, who had previously left her alone. its like the Azamax attracted the mites more. I'm hoping that in the next few treatments its gets better , but coming home to tons of little mite bites, when yesterday was none, is kind of unsettling.
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    FINALLY got some pics up!

    The first one i think is the former "Outdoor" girl(?). she has been brought inside from now on, except when i take them out for some sun. she was drooping like a sad bitch pretty bad the other day, but is starting to stand up again, i think was drowning her. her FIM from before i *think* is turning out good, the bottom chunk of the leaves that remained is still growing but i see that the FIM worked and four new set are starting right below the nubby leaves
    The other two are of the Good Girls, i don't know which is which anymore, oh well. they are doing great though one is showing signs of nitro tox, so she got flushed today with clean PH'd water. did the same to a lesser extent to her sister cuz i got overzealous and nuted too early. thankfully caught it early.

    All in all its going well. i think. 


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  9. The one in the white pot was a male, so he has been destroyed. :( 

    My girls on the other hand are doing awesome! LST'd one and she responded great the last two days! the other has been LST'ing herself since the transplant, i accidentally popped her in crooked, like a 45 degree angle so she's been growing like she was LST anyways. lol
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     all in all they are doing well. one girls has some heat stress or so it looks like on her two biggest(the first ones to grow) fan leaves, but only those two leaves.

    They are LST'd like crazy! yes im aware i have no anchors on the base, as i LST'd suer early they grew without putting pressure on the base. one of them was tranplanted sloppy so her main stem was already at 45 degrees before i started LST.

    so yeah, what do you guys think?

    EDIT: Holy crap i love this camera!

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  12. Yay! Tel's in my Journal! 
  13. See my lst dude??
  14. I did hun! though like i said in your journal, those ties are pulling all pressure to the one corner add a tie to the free corner to counter the pressure
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    Its raining!!!!! it rarely rains here so i put a bunch of pots and tupperware outside to catch rainwater. its the best water you can give a plant ive been told so im collecting as much rain as i can!

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  17. Im wrapped up like eskimo walkin to school lol
  18. oh yeah, i forgot. lots of rain means no work. no work means no money. :( damn outside construction job
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    Ive got female pre flowers on one girl after one day of 12/12 cylce. thats FAST. which makes me think she's an auto and was gonna show anyways
    the other girl, is taking her time.
  20. Looken like lettuce in here :p How many Cfl watts you up too now?

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