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  1. he is one of my all time fav guitar player and im high sitting here listeing to "Always With You Always With Me" and it has to be one of the best songs to hear while stoned.. beautiul song..

    i have most of his albums and they all kick ass.

    any other Satch fans?
  2. Satriani is a brilliant player. Did you know he tutored Kirk Hammet in the two years or so before he joined Metallica?

    If you wanna hear an amazing guitarist you have to check out Michael Angelo and a track called No Boundaries. it's just....... well.. go listen to it, that's all I'll say.

    my favourite guitarist though is Hendrix by a long way. i tend to favour writing ability rather than sheer playing ability. i mean... what's the point of being an amazing guitar player if you can't write decent songs (i.e. Satriani, for the most part)
    now Jimi... he has both abilities :D
  3. satch in the alien (or blue dream?) days....
  4. ...

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  5. hehe yes i knew he gave a few lessons Kirk back in like 82' i think.

    as far as Michael Angelo.. yes hes a fast fucker but his solos dont do much for me.. but yes, i do appreciate his skill. his chops are almost untouchable

    Satch has more melody and feel in his songs in my opinion.

    im a huge fan of guitar and i know alot about most of the greats out there.

    i could give a list of all my favs but its all opinions i guess. :)
  6. My favorite's are Gary Hoey, Jimi Hendrix, and Michael Anglelo...not a big fan of satch, never realy got into them
  7. Satch and Vai are the best
  8. damn good taste, wanky.

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