Discussion in 'General' started by SkeevyStoner, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Just curious as to what everyone is doing for a living these days. I work at a restaraunt right now. I plan on going into music or advertising. What are your plans?
  2. i work at a shop, i have a cool title tho, entertainment specilist :p

    i hope to get into vw's tho, my own bisness, either restoration or retoration and performance parts place lol
  3. I'm currently working at my uncles shop, doing custom fabrication, and air suspension. I do a lot of body mods, and body work. rebuild rearends, build custom frames. in the process of customizing a '54 Ford F100, and and S10 blazer with 22 inches of lift and 44" tires. I also build mini choppers on the side.
  4. i sit on my ass, but i'm gettin a job doin disaster restoration shit n i'll be gettin paid like 7 bucks an hour, not to bad.
  5. well I work in a restaurant washing dishes but I don't consider that my job. I'm a full time student and I'm just working to pay my way through school. I'd hate to call something as degrading as scrubbing filth a job. Oh well, it puts money in my pocket
  6. Uh i work for my self....smokin pot that is lol
  7. Media... Uh... Creator...
    I suppose that would be my title...

    Photography, animation, film/video, broadcast design...
  8. I ain't got no job, but I'm still fly...

    Not working anywhere right now. Going to college in September where I'll be studying criminal justice.
  9. If your studying criminal justice that means you want to be a cop? dont know anything else that degree will give you...
  10. ..shit..... i got no job... ...still easy rider easy e... big d... keepin' it real.... living off my parents ... hell yes! :D...
  11. Work at a machine shop as a CNC Machinist, running an Okuma LB35 for people that actually know about it. In the fall I'm going to start school at northwestern ohio for high performance mechanics.

  12. Theres a ton of other positions that you could get with a criminal justice degree. Alot of cops don't goto college, just straight into the police academy. The major I'm going to study is actually legal studies with a concentration in criminal justice.

    And before you make an ignorant "selling out to be a cop" comment, I'd say the best thing we can hope for in terms of legalization is people with authority who support it. Understand?
  13. stealer and drug dealer
  14. My job is looking for a job. Nobody is hiring in this damn college town :(.
  15. On disability.
  16. Freelance...mostly at the psych ward

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