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  1. I wanted to get a job working in a grow room or for a grower. I know growers can be scetchy about who they talk to. I don't need a name. I would just like to know where the best place is to start looking. Like where the there are more growers and where the laws about growing aren't so bad.
  2. Local police department should have names of one time local marijuana growers, maybe start there?

    Seriously though no idea, it's one of those things you probably have to be friends with someone first.
  3. Yeah. I was thinking California or Colorado. Just don't know where to start from there. Maybe humbolt county.
  4. You need connections, you can't just fill out an application and hope someone sees it.
  5. I know. I wasn't going to post my resume at the local unemployment office for "pot groomer". I just wanted to know where the largest concentration of growers is. To increase mty chances.
  6. Mendicino County in California has the highest concentration of growers and I would suggest getting a medical card to sort of "legitimize" yourself in the eyes of employers/growers.
  7. Great thanks a lot man.
  8. You should probably try and get a different job tbh.
  9. Yeah, youll probably end up at burger king

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