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Job Situation

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, May 28, 2013.

  1. Ok , heres the situation. I just got a job at a diner about a month ago. I make minimum wage , $7.79 and work 20 hours a week as im in college still. Today i learned that my aunt may be able to help me get a job at a furniture store, and said i would start at $14.75 an hour. As you can see that is quite a big differance. My only concern is, is it morally wrong to leave my job i have just for a better paying one? I mean the diner hired me right on the spot and the owner is actually nice to me, it would just feel like im bailing to leave for something better
  2. this happens everyday man.. it's life. shit happens, and ya gotta do what ya gotta do. 
  3. If you have friends looking for a job, get them to fill out applications and turn them in when you leave, that way they can hire someone quickly. Just make sure you thank your boss and make him aware that you have a job offer you can't turn down...he'll understand!
  4. Talk to your boss, let him know that your at a point where making double minimum wage would be pretty beneficial, especially considering your still in college. Not to be a dick, but if your making minimum wage at a diner, you are probably pretty expendable. Let your boss know you appreciate the job and whatnot, but I don't think there's a stigma in leaving you $7.79 job and getting twice that. Pretty sure your boss wouldn't be offended.
  5. That's how the real world works bro. Don't stay at a lower paying job, unless you are REALLY happy with it. In fact, you should always be looking for a new, better paying job..
  6. You got to do what you gotta do knowa days.
    If you're money-tight right now, I would switch for the other job, as it pays almost double, that's a big difference.
    But if the owner is nice, and you're going to feel guilty, sit down with him, and explain your situation. You never know, he may offer you a raise as you talk to him. But if you feel bad, just try to get someone else to work for him, maybe a friend/relative?
  7. You don't owe your current boss anything other than a thank-you for giving you the opportunity and explaining to him why you're leaving.
  8. Think about it this way:

    Every business is flowing with applications, meaning that the diner would be able to replace you within a couple of days, easy. I would feel a little remorse for leaving so early, but shit I think anyone would understand going off to make double your wages. Life works out that way sometimes, and I definitely wouldn't pass that up!

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