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  1. I'm getting a job tomorrow, they told me to bring my social security card and my license and I think I'll probably sign a wage contract or whatever. What are the chances though that they'll drug test me? Im in Texas and it's a store that mainly caters to skating/surfing/ skating etc. Lifestyle but the town itself is very conservative . Although, some of the employees/future employees look like stoners. Do you think I'll get a drug test or not? Feel free to share any knowledge and any humorous job stories.
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    Lol maybe after I smoke I'll share a job story.

    But if they hadn't mentioned it previously, I honestly wouldn't expect them to.
  3. ^k thanks, I probably won't, I think I'll ask my dad tonight say something like: "what do you think I'll do tomorrow only sign papers and get a work schedule"?

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