Job is making me depressed

Discussion in 'General' started by Eldar220, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. I'm working only part-time in a clothing store and I need to start working full time but my job already makes me depressed. Making myself get up and out of bed on any day I have work is work in and of itself. I've been getting more depressed every day I go there. I can barely stand it anymore. The worst part is I have nowhere else to turn to for work. I'm not in college yet (can't afford classes), I don't have a license or a car even when I get my license, and most places around me aren't hiring for full-time work. It's all part-time and more retail. I don't know what to do anymore and I'm just so close to giving up entirely. I'm not even sure why I'm posting this here. I guess I just want some advice. I'm reaching my breaking limit. I'm barely even happy when I'm not working now. The only time I ever feel good anymore is when I'm stoned or with my girlfriend. Even now I'm high and still feel shitty. Life is just bringing me more and more down every day at this point. :(
  2. bro i feel your pain. ive been working atthe same shit hole for like 2 years and have acquired a pretty good position...buuuttt just..ya know, there are other things in my life i would like to give more time too. i cant. i cant afford to lose that money. i cant afford to take less days/hours.

    it really is depressing as fuck and i dont know what t odo about shit like this. i mean seriously what the fuck man
  3. Uh welcome to life? Seriously you work part time at a clothing store how hard could it be?
  4. The worst part is my job doesn't even give me enough hours to do anything more than feed myself. The worst thing is my mom is moving out soon, so I have to find full-time work but there isn't anything around that I can even walk to.. I have no skills and this job is my first one. I'm so fucking lost at this point that I can't even get my own thoughts straight. I won't even lie, half the time I sit in bed and just feel like breaking down.
  5. Im about to go looking for my first job encouraged not gonna lie. -.-'
  6. I do the same thing. Work part time at a clothing store. If there is something really, truly important to you, you will make it happen no matter the cost.
    Keep ya hopes up and your head low.
  7. Dude. You're overreacting. You haven't even said anything about the job that depresses you like shitty coworkers or something. You are getting all depressed over the fact that you have to wake up and go to work... If you're this fucked up over this you need professional help, seriously.
  8. scratchcards man...scratchcards.

  9. I fold clothes. That's all I do. It's not gratifying, a lot of the customers are snobs, I make minimum wage, unsteady hours, and I work with a bunch of high school kids aside from the managers. There's nothing about my job that even gives me the slightest incentive to go back aside from a mediocre paycheck every other week.
  10. you aint too strong mentally it sounds man. but keep pushin and youll see how it will help you one day.

    this is why some people start sellin dope n shit but you gotta have some sort of income in the real world man
  11. Trying to think of things I like about my job makes me want to quit even more..

    I've been looking into starting an etsy shop, making hand-carved wood pipes, and my girlfriend is gonna buy me the hand tools and some materials to start me off, but I'll obviously need more income than that. I'd be starting fresh, teaching myself, and am not much of a saleman. ha

    I wish I could work from home, but most of the stuff online are scams or need large investments that I couldn't afford even if I tried to save money for a few years with this job. I want so badly to just enjoy my life more and I've tried thinking more positively. It works for a little while but the world just keeps bringing me down again and again. I can't even tell if it's just me anymore. I'm just so sick of being someone's underling and getting paid little to nothing for time that I'll never be able to get back. Time just wasted.
  12. At least you have a job.
  13. There's gotta be something else you can do. Maybe try factory work, its shitty hours, but the pay is better. How much are you bringing home, hopefully at least 200? How are you getting to work without a car and license?

    Try looking into school, you can get government grants to pay for your education if you're lucky.
  14. everything works itself out eventually man, you'll find a way to make more money if you really want to. just keep working towards your future if you ever want to change it. the only thing keeping you unhappy is you, so are you just gonna keep feeling sorry for yourself or find a new way to look at it and enjoy it.

    happiness is simply a choice you have to learn to make
  15. Dude if you hate it that bad..just quit. It's not good for your health. I recently quit my job at olive garden..I HATED it. I hated working 8 hour days, and feeling like shit(mentally, and physically) after I was off work. It just wasn't worth it for me. Sure the money was nice, but fuck that. I got a easier part-time job my body can actually handle. Just do what's best fory you man. It'll all work out.
  16. Well put it this way:

    It's really hard to find a job where I live, I would change places with you in an instant.

    Imagine not having a job and starving....feel any better?

    I understand where you are coming from, especially since i hate retail too...and where I live it's the same thing, 75% of the people here work retail.

    But it's what you do OUTSIDE of work that counts doesn't it?
  17. Oh dear! I was stressed out and depressed my eye was twitchin!

    Then I got fired....all is better now! My point, maybe it is time for a new job?
  18. just know despite your circumstances , you can be joyful internally
  19. learn how to screen print... one of my boys pays his printer 100k a year just to put stupid shit on shirts/shorts!

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