job hunting rant.

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  1. so yea why the fuck is it so hard too get a job.:mad:
    ive applied at so many places and mostly no call back.
    i just want to that so much to ask?

    any advice fellow blades and bladies??:(
    its so frustrating
  2. Economy is in the shitter, everyone's in a tough spot looking for work, college isn't easy even if you go to a legitimate school (like me), not enough positions for everyone to fill.
  3. If you want a job then get it from friends. See if they know someone that know someone that know someone.... Make a good network with the resources that you have, and make a fine excellent job applicationt: This part is important becuase your application gotta stand out from others. I would recommend you to write some few lines about your facts (age, proffesion, school etc.) and then i would mostly focus on you as a person. Write your values down, your rules, show them that you are the price.

    In other words: Make yourself look confident and individual
  4. ty guys. i will try harder.

    maybe i will rewrite my resume better
  5. Are they no jobs at all about?

    The economy is fucked in the UK currently like the US, however there are jobs about, just depends what you are after I guess - any jobs is better than no job.

    Also quick question, in the US if you are unemployed do you get benefits?
  6. Its tough out there. I've been looking for a year.
  7. If you are not getting call backs, then it's time to revise your resume.

    Post it if you want feedback.
  8. oh my god where in the hell do i start? the only way i can describe my situation..sliding down a razor blade headed for a pool of alcohol....its like job? whats that? I've been rejected so many timez still gettn rejected to this day...why is sumthin so simple such a pain in the ass to get? You dont understand ... i am starvin:( billz are piled to the ceiling, comin up w/rent is impossible, all i have is a couple coinz to my name:(..ive done everything i can in terms of searchin for a gig...God knowz im sicc of these sleepless nites worrying about how am i gonna pay this and that? My bacc is seriously up against the wall ... nobody givez a shit! They say Money isnt everything but see unfortunately we live in a society where you must pay to sure money isnt everything but it does make life go by just a little smoother!
  9. There are plenty of jobs. Maybe not jobs you will like but a job is a job. Hit up the public school system in your area. They are always hiring janitors and food service people. Same with grocery stores. All of them are almost always looking for overnight stockers/ janitors.

    Keep looking and keep trying
  10. hmm i will proly think bout doing night jobs.

    also today i saw on the news.
    it said Harvard is easier to get into than getting a job at McDonald:eek: no lie.

  11. lol that's an exaggeration man idk for colleges like that you literally have to start planning for it from 5th or 6th grade no joke.
  12. You only get temporary benefits if you got laid off or have a family.
  13. well i mean i have a small partime/ on call delivery job for a small company. i mean at least its something from this i can save up little bit of cash.

    but like i want a better paying job that is more stable.i would hella just do my very best at it too. i just need a chance:(
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    At least you have that much bro. I don't have fuck to my name, and I've applied at every business in my small town and have never been called back.
  15. Yeah man I have a part time job too and have just enough scrill to pay bills and buy some bud. Which is cool because I hate work anyway.
  16. i applied to 1 job this summer, i got an interview the week later and got the job :eek:
  17. :mad::)

    mad that i dont got a job but happy for you brotha.good luck with job man. what is it a mcjob?

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