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  1. Hi everyone this is my first post, and I need some advice or information. I live in South Carolina, one of the most ignorant, ill-informed, and prejudiced general populations and one of the most strict legal codes in the country when it comes to our favorite green friend. As a result, there are very few businesses here that do not drug test which is making it difficult for me, a recent college graduate, to find a job. To add to the problem, there are laws in this state prohibiting the shipping or sale of synthetic urine products. I have toked almost every day for a few months, so if I quit, it will take quite a while for my system to get clean, and I don't have that kind of time. All of my friends are in the same situation. I guess we could have had some foresight on the matter, but its too late for that now. Does anyone know of a shop in the Atlanta area that sells synthetic urine? GA is the only nearby state without these ridiculous laws. Or if you have some other advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. What part of SC are you in? I passed through Charleston once, taking a trip from Savannah. I really don't know any shops in Atlanta though . . . . good luck man. Have you not tried any drinks that will just clean your system out before the piss test? I used such drinks for probation and also when I was in the military.
  3. Best advice, stop smoking, run/excersize everyday eat less fatty foods and drink juice to help clean your system out fast without it looking shady.

    If you don't want to stop toking then just go to GNC buy a bottle of Golden Seal root take 12 of the pills crack them open in a small 4oz glass of viniger, mix well and chug. Give that about a day it cleans your system out really well I've passed 3 test this way.

    they have alot of drinks you can order online that clean your system also, do some reading there are TONS of threads on this subject.

    Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the advice. I will probably just quit for a while, and since I workout 6 days a week (P90X), eat healthy, and drink alot of water already, my system should clean in a couple of weeks. I have been doing some research on detox drinks, additives, etc. but it doesn't do much good since most of these items are banned in South Carolina, and no shops will ship these products here. I just hate feeling like other people have control over my parts of my life, like my free time. I'm a responsible, hard-working guy that chooses to smoke a little instead of buying into the pharm racket. Hopefully my system will clean quick so I can score a decent job. Thanks again, and if anyone else has any suggestions, like where I can find some synthetic urine in the Atlanta area, please let me know.
  5. yeah you could go through the trouble of quitting, burning the THC out of your lipids, etc....


    you could just get some synthetic urine.. seriously bro, any headshop should have it.. $15-$30 and you can go in to take the urinalysis high and know for a fact that you will pass.

    good luck with everything man
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    lmao easy fix. order NOT THE DRINK you want synthetic urine. order online somewhere probly canada or uk honestly they WILL send to you they want your money. okay, I dont care who you are you give me a drug test I'll ace it. :D looking for a job eh, thats the simplest drug tests even a stoned monkey can pass it. They dont even monitor you for gods sake. come on man DONT stop smoking weed its not necessary. Instead, stay blown pass the test(there only really going to give you a preemployment test unless you look high) stay faded dont be high during work you should be good.:D shit works for me i dont see the complications:confused_2: anybody else feel me? fuck the system

    hmm, before you take my advice understand I havent worked a "regular" job in months.

    just my 0.02
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    I know about the synthetic urine, but this state prohibits, by law, the sale, purchase, and even shipping of synthetic urine. Meaning, I am unable to order sythetic urine and have it shipped to me. No distributor will ship it here because of the strict fines involved with doing so. I did not think about having it shipped from Canada, though, and with gas prices so high it would actually be cheaper than driving to ATL. Anyone know of a Canadian distributor that carries this stuff? I've been looking and can't seem to find one. Damn I hate South Carolina laws. Can't buy liquor on Sundays, can't buy musical instruments on Sundays, can't buy fake pee, but you can still legally beat your wife on the steps of the state house here in Columbia, with the rebel flag flying proudly in front of you. Yeehaw. Thanks for your help everyone.
  8. Well, I finally found someone that would ship some synthetic urine to me here in South Carolina. Its a great thing since I have an interview on Tuesday for a great job, and my drug test, if I get hired, will be sometime late in the week. Its a load off my shoulders.
  9. the old saying "if there is a will there is a way" didn't come about for no reason. Law of attraction for you. Good luck bro
  10. I will have to say finding a job now a days is pretty hard. Everybody isn't hiring because there getting no business, and finding a job that doesn't drug test you're doing even better. I but this stuff that cleans you out for an1hr. And thats it. 1 hr,it works Good luke on finding a job:cool:
  11. Btw, if you have shipping troubles in the future, just get a P.O. box in an adjacent state.
  12. complaining about jobs drug testing makes me lol.
  13. This is some funny stuff! Maybe it's time to move to a more liberal state. You can find entry level work in any liberal state without taking a drug test, and you can rent a room in a cheap motel by the day, til you find a room or apartment. There are always people looking for roomates, and you can search the classifieds any where beforehand, with your computer. Good luck, and WTF, I can't buy a new guitar on Sunday? Why??

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