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Job bites me in ass.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tekeen, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. God so I got this security job after tampering with the urine test and come to find out they put me at a resort working 12 hour shifts for next three weeks straight and I have no money for gas with half a tank left.:( .

    The drive eats up like 1/4 tank to get there.

    I figure I will call and ask to be put on 1-2 days a week cause my first paycheck wont even come for 3 weeks.

    They should help me out but if they dont I will have to ditch the job I worked hard to get.:smoking: .

    I guess the bright side is It has been almost two weeks since I smoked and I was not a heavy smoker like 2 bowls a week.

    So worse comes to worse I guess I could look for a new job in a few days that pays once a week. Even the ones with drug tests.

    Life is a bitch sometimes.
  2. tell them your situation, no money for gas, they might front you like $60
  3. hey man, you can write off that gas money when you do your taxes, cuz its job related.
  4. Dude don't give up on that hard work, let them know that you are for real and you want to do your job and such. Ask for a little help they should sympathize. Hope it all works out yo! JOE>
  5. Yeah I talked to the guy in charge of the resort security and he says he will front me some gas money and I told him I will take it.

    Thing is I dont like working at the resort as a security guard cause I have worked different posts before and this one is waaay harder.

    So I told him I will only work there 2-3 more days and they need to put me someplace else....IE the kind of place where I can read a book for 6 out of 8 hours or study.

    Call me a slacker but I know whats good for me and a high stress resort playing security guard for a bunch of rich folks really urks me.

    So I will give this place 2-3 days and try to score another post more suited to my taste and if they dont wanna hook it up then screw them I will find another job I can tolerate.

    I can for sure pass a drug test now I am thinking so I will give them a chance but they can't adapt to my needs I will not adapt to theirs.
  6. I'm sure you feel this way right now, but in the long run you'll see this is bag logic. You are dispensable to them, there are probably tons of people who will work in your situation. Maybe if you show them you are capable of working hard and then petition to get moved to another area, you might get what you want, but don't expect any handouts. Basically all I'm saying is don't expect them to owe you anything, because they don't.

    Best of luck, hope everything works out for you.
  7. so u wanna get paid for doin your hobbies.. pfft GOOD LUCK LOLOL stop bitchin and do your job
  8. Haha, 2 days into working he's bitching and asking to be moved so you can read a book, lol.
  9. i ws in barnes and nobles today trygin to find a cannabis book and they didnt have one cuz thatd be fun to read whiel on the job lol:smoke:
  10. Sorry but that is a BIT pathetic.

    Then again... you're just a silly little stoner :)
  11. lol, you people are masochistic. If you like to work hard go right ahead, but me and tekeen will be working to live and not living to work. Life is all about pleasure.....
  12. i like to be happy and part of being happy is being comfortable. everyones definition of comfortable varies but mine requires me to work whether its something i enjoy or not
  13. yea dude well working my ass of right now becuase i want to be able to play the rest of my life.
  14. you're just lazy, i don't see why people are all bitching
  15. Well as it turned out not that anyone here may ever care but the person who deletes this.

    I got placed at the Holiday Inn on nights and have been perfectly happy as I get paid the same as before only the job is rediculously easy and I do get to read or watch movies or whatever I want to do.

    My logic was sound and now I get paid to do things I enjoy 75% of the time.

    Meaning I keep low stress levels, pay bills, save money, and feel alot better about going to "work".

    May not be big bucks but I am content enough with it until something better is discovered.:hello:
  16. sounds awesome man, toke on :) i remember this thread last month
  17. I work overnight, from 10pm to 7am. When Im at work, it seems like suicide is the only option. But when I get my paycheck it all evens out, so I guess thats why I stay. I work about 40-48 hours a week at $8.
  18. I like working as a waiter while going to college, its fun. I mean shit, everyday you'll walk out with money. I work for a private restaurant and its the best, yesterday I walked out with 175 in tips, plus my 3.15 an hour for 8 hours. If you're lucky to work in a good restaurant you'll have the time of your life for work, you meet some crazy ass people lol.

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