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  2. You can't rationalize guilt away. You can deny it but one day it will consume you.
  3. I am pissed and I'm not even your girlfriend.

    You guys wonder why it's hard to find a good girl? Because so many get fucked over by people like the OP.

    You should be ashamed an I hope it does eat you alive.
  4. You can rationalize it a million times, OP, but what you did was highly disrespectful to your significant other.. and if you don't tell her than you're even less of a man than you think you are.
  5. You're young and experimenting
  6. Dude im hammerd but thats besides the point im 5rying to make, like im the guy who's lucky to get a girl that I actually like and care about and you just 5hrew it foen the drain to fuck some chick. Like man fuck just treat a girl right but you fuvked that up too. Ive been cheated on and its the worst feeling I n the world I judt cant comprehend how you can do that to someone you love I know im ranting but still it sucks man 8ts just such a breach of trust
  7. I am this drunk right now.
  8. Karma is a bitch.
  9. I can't really provide any advice, but your story kinda turned me on to be honest.
  10. You only lasted a minute? Come on bro  :smoking:
  11. busted a nut in her within a minute lmao. good thing she wasnt a bible thumping pro life crazy bitch that was gonna try and birth your child... 
  12. 9 out of 10 she is probably doing it to you too so i say feel what you want life is too short too hold grudges..
  13. As he said, "I will never tell my girlfriend" so sadly he is that kind of person.. Unfortunately, he'll probably forget all about this by next week or so
  14. double edge sword. but i agree with you op is a "dick" a weak one at that lol he only lasted a minute...
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    Cheating is terrible.
    Personally, I think you should tell her. 
    Especially since you did not use protection.
    What if you caught something?
    Or got her knocked up?
  16. you should feel worse about cumming in under a minute
    I hadn't had sex in 2 months. Cumming in under a minute to the freshest pussy in 3 years was not my concern.
  18. well u can catch herps in 1 minute and it will last longer then a 3yr relationship. but since u said she had a serious bf, but she invited u too her dorm just so u could fuck her mean's "she is nice and clean"(sarcasm).i mean what if you're gf is like her with a serious bf but invites random niggas too nut in her..LOL bet you 100$ you're gf is like her..damn bro how the universe works.
  19. well maybe if you let the good guys out the friend zone

    *fedora tip*

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    Contrary to what most of you have posted I have been cheated on in the worst way and I understand its longterm effects. I wasn't able to meet a nice girl until my giirlfriend. If she has the herpes so what? I haven't noticed any symptoms, and what the fuck if I have? Fuck life, fuck bitches, get money. No i'm not trolling, I'm just looking for you all to label me as the monster that I see I am <3 >:) I am evil, and I know it. What is morality anyway? I am the best boyfriend in the world according to my girlfriend >:) Hell I'll spend $1000 on her for Christmas, and fuck the world if she finds out I cheated on her. That is life.

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