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JJ Watt from the texans

Discussion in 'General' started by gotexans, Jan 6, 2013.

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    what a great guy i have alot of respect for this man. h town has a great group of guys. i heard arian foster spent $20000 on sams food for charity. i posted the link on my phone let me know if yall have any problems with it.

    Go Texans!
  2. Yeah I saw that interview; seems like a great kid. Very humble, dig it.

    Too bad you all have to play the Pats at home.
  3. yeah tell me bout it ive been kinda dissapointed in them lately.. schaub needs to go
  4. bump for a great video
  5. you waited 6 minutes to bump this? Interesting...
  6. my bad man i just really want to share this video lol
  7. he's an awesome person and a great football player
  8. hell yeah i was a fan before i saw this but now im a really big fan
  9. Im a patriots fan, and I wish you a good game for next week.
    Goooooo Pats!!!!!
  10. thanks should be a good one.. i hate tom brady with a passion.. hes just too damn good lol and with wife is smokin. im jealous lol
  11. jj watt is nothing but a scrub

    playing, im a titans fan so I cant talk shit bout anybody

  12. When i was little i loooved steve mcnair, idk why he was my very first football idol. I almost cried when I heard he was killed by his slutty ex.
  13. standup guy fo-sho
  14. Pretty awesome
  15. Me too, McNair was my boy growing up. Sad what happened to him
  16. pretty badass about the wheelchair dance
  17. Wow what a great guy we need more ppl like him in this world
  18. bump for watt!
  19. i gotta bump this thread

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