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  1. this man eas a fucking GENIUS good fuck9ing god i would literally kill to go to a doors concert in the 60s or just meet jim. i swear im like gay for him ahaha but ok not really butlike damn, i do love him and what he repprested. did you know his dad, george stephen morrison, was the commader of american forces in the gulf on tonkin incident? how crazy is that. exactly ehat jim was against and protested. his dad was. i dunno man im drunk, watching thr dors movie, and i love the doors and have for the past like ahile, my fave mband by far. anyone lse?
  2. love the doors and love morrison. i dont like how people are absolutely in love with him or any celebrity though. i can understand being in love with music,thoughts,whatever but i heard a story about where morrison took a shit and threw it into the crowd and the crowd fucking loved it because it was jim morrisons shit....i would be pissed if i got shit thrown at me no matter who threw it lol
  3. I dint get whats so special about him
  4. W


    Musically, the doors werent talented at all.
    And i dont really fund his "poetry" to be all that great.

    Plus he got elevated to rock god status for... God, i dont really know why...

    But hey different strokes, enjoy.
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    opinions my friend opinions. there are people who say zeppelin and floyd are terrible/not talented blah blah blah. just not your cup of tea. you cant deny the fact that morrison had an amazing voice. they also had a good pianist. the doors arent my favorite band or anything but i really like some of their music. not the best by any means but still good imo. and you cant say musically they werent good. in my opinion the 60's and 70's were the golden times of music lol and if they were one of the most famous bands of the time period then they clearly were good at what they did. for example i absolutely hate bob dylan but tons of people love him. all about opinions
  6. It is one of if not my favorite Bands if you like them I would check out a few things like the movie when you're strange the book no one gets out of here alive and then get an American prayer it's a cd of his poetry
  7. I love The Doors. Jim Morrison was a gorgeous man :)

    Although they weren't my favorite band.
    Some of the lyrics were just gibberish, but some I absolutely love and can relate to.
    He had an amazing voice and the songs are FUN to listen to :)

    Definitely better than the fucking garbage they put out today!

  8. Almost every lyric had a meaning he was very good at that
  9. awww sheet the skink gang is here!!

    I like the doors but they dont sound so great to me now, i listened to them too much. Ill just take a t break from them haha. then in a month when my tolerance is super low i will listen and be like "WOAAAAHHH DUDE!!!!!"
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  11. So Who else is a skink
  12. My friend James is a skink (in the real world not grasscity)

  13. i dunno i never heard of that, and i've done tonssss of research on this band lol. watched almost every live video i could of them and read tons of bios. but i dont know. i've never been a "celebrity freak", but something about jim morrison captivates me.

    the way he incorporated his poetry into rock and roll along with his bluesy voice. his lyrics are beautiful. works of art.

    are you kidding? they had one of the most legendary keyboardists in rock history. ray manzarek. he played both the bass and keyboards. the band had no traditional bass player.
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plRgOw5uxLo]The Doors - When the Music's Over - YouTube[/ame]

    i actually cant stand led zeppelin, ahaha. plants voice irritates the hell out of me.

    seen when youre strange, and heard the american prayer...currently reading john densmore's "riders on the storm - my life with jim morrison and the doors". the doors movie by oliver stone is pretty good too.

    he was a gorgeous man, til his beard days lol. they are by far my favorite band. quite obsessed right now. sooooo fun to listen to.

    yes. everything he wrote he wrote for a reason. if it seems like it doesntmake sense, it's because it has a double meaning usually relating to one of his many acid or peyote trips.

    haha i know that feelin. but i havent burnt out of them yet.
  14. Oh yea dood fo sho

  15. what was the point of that post?
  16. [quote name='"MayorMcStoned"']W


    Musically, the doors werent talented at all.
    And i dont really fund his "poetry" to be all that great.

    Plus he got elevated to rock god status for... God, i dont really know why...

    But hey different strokes, enjoy.[/quote]

    I understand not being a fan, but come on now. No talent?

  17. thats what im sayin, haha,

    morrison has some amazing fucking poetry though i tell you what...

    The movie will begin in five moments
    The mindless voice announced
    All those unseated will await the next show.

    We filed slowly, languidly into the hall
    The auditorium was vast and silent
    As we seated and were darkened, the voice continued.

    The program for this evening is not new
    You've seen this entertainment through and through
    You've seen your birth your life and death
    you might recall all of the rest
    Did you have a good world when you died?
    Enough to base a movie on?

    I'm getting out of here
    Where are you going?
    To the other side of morning
    Please don't chase the clouds, pagodas

    Her c--- gripped him like a warm, friendly hand.

    It's alright, all your friends are here
    When can I meet them?
    After you've eaten
    I'm not hungry
    Oh, we meant beaten

    Silver stream, silvery scream
    Oooooh, impossible concentration.
  18. just reiterating that he was amazing lol.

    his lyrics anyways..
  19. Morrison wrote some of the most vulgar music ever

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