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  1. I just blew my wad..its on !!!

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    tony k react reasonably.jpg
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  3. Films gonna be sick bruh I think it'll be more graphic than previous saw films :smoking:
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  4. I don't see how that's possible lol^^^

    Yea tho thnx for the info I will def be looking for this.
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  5. Gonna be one of the sickest movies I've watched in some time. Poughkeepsie Tapes is a pretty fucking sick and twisted movie.

  6. You seen the trailer? Theres a scene with saw blades on a wall its gonna make the other saw films look like a day in the park :yay:
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  7. Lol I wonder who will be the Jigsaw killer tho because the original one is dead and so are both his "students"
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  8. doesn't look bad. only saw the first 4 movies.
  9. I had no idea they even made 7 Saw movies

    I like the og
  10. ohh shit. i'm definitely tuning in for this
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  11. I'll be putting another notch on my movie pass with this movie, love the Saw series, even with how bad some of them are, they are just so good
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  12. If you are a Saw fan, definitely see Jigsaw. Brought me right back to all those past movies that I loved over the years, even with the bad acting, something about these movies is just great
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