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Jet-like Lighters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zuken, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. ok so i do not have a lighter to hit my bong. i tried to that were dead, matches, and a magnifying glass. none worked. is it bad for my lungs to use the lighters with the jet-like flame? i know its still butane, i just did not know if the higher temperature is worse on the lungs or not.
  2. THe torch lighters create more heat killing some of the THC. but u could if u wanted to.
  3. I've used jet lighters before, my best advice is to try and tap the flame on the bowl piece in order to get an ember started
    You just need that split second of the jet as a catalyst so you can get it going.
  4. i had a nice 30 dollar crown royal one and it was great. i used it a lot to just torch a small area of the green at a time.. that way you get a couple green hits ;)
    keep in mind though these lighters but suuuuuper hot aand if youre not careful youll just torch the shit out of your herb haha. i learned the hard way.

    by the way.. that crown royal one.. someone found it in my house and stole it. i dont share it for that reason :(
  5. sweetness. thanks much
  6. Can I borrow it? :O
  7. I'm fairly sure torch lighters are better for your lungs, thinking that because they burn hotter they also burn much cleaner. For comparison hold a bic under a spoon then do the same with the flame of a torch lighter. When I do that I get soot on the spoon from a bic or other normal lighter, but with a jet lighter it stays clean.
    And to not destroy excess THC just hold the flame much further away, I find I can light a bowl without even touching the weed with the flame.
  8. Right on, I just hold mine like 2 inches away and slowly move it toward my pipe until I get my bowl going.
  9. :( i loved that thing it i have my first lighter which was a zippo before i realized those aret so good to use hahahah. then got the crown. worked brilliant :(
  10. Took the words out of my mouth haha this is what i do, works good. theyre so hot that you can def give it a coupe inches and just barely get the weed going

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