Jesus lov es you

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  1. Careful how well you desribe your highs Jesus is a toker too but his dad don't know

    His first cat Crowley killed at the age of 11, and much later rumours linked him with infanticide and cannibalism. But above all, Crowley discovered the pleasures of sex, which horrified his mother and uncle. In 1892 he went to public school in Malvern, had homosexual experiences, and transferred to Tonbridge, where he caught gonorrhea.
  2. WTF are you talking about?

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  3. joke.

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  4. I liked the concept of Jesus used in the movie Dogma. The crucifix gives you a feeling of pain, suffering and the price Jesus had to pay for all our sins. But also, Jesus came to Earth to be your friend, to be at your side, etc, so they got the Buddy Christ. So, i tatooed in my chest, and looks preety cool, hehehe.

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  5. lol

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  6. im sorry but jesus revived one of the most ugly and evil religions devised by man. he was no toker in my book and there is no way i could follow a religion that did such things. thousands upon thousands died because the stupid cattle of people misunderstood themselves, im not sayin its jesuses fault, maybe he was a chillin person but a person is smart, people are dumb and responcive and the people definately did the most evil and stupid things to others.
    peace and love
  7. I don't blame Jesus for the hypocrisy and all of the wrongdoing. of the Christian religion. Jesus was a Jew, he wasn't a christian. Christianity didn't come until after he died, so therefore isn't his fault.

    I believe that everything Jesus taught was misinterpreted, so his actual messagesformankind are all forgotten.

    But blaming Jesus for Christianity is like blaming the Bible for the Crusades.

    Neither are true.
  8. I think Jesus don´t care for religions, as long as we love God and all of his sons, everything will be O.K.

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