Jesus is lord of Iraq. DOH! man oh man hope this makes christians proud

Discussion in 'General' started by highinhouston, Sep 7, 2007.

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    :eek:lol. dude must have a mental disorder or someshit....
  2. gotta love cbn
  3. What a fucking cock..

    yea jesus is the new lord of war, celebrate killing people who really didnt deserve it
  4. "jesus is lord of iraq?"

  5. i mean, i cant really even make a comment on that. religion is so blinding. blindingly stupid that is.
  6. So I am to feel like a fool because of my religous views because of one idiot?

    Um excuse me, hate to be the one to break this to you, it's people, not the religion. There are many many stupid Christians just like there are many many stupid Athiests. Should I post some pictures of Emo carving "Fuck God," into their arms? No because I realize that not ALL Athiests are like that, there are actual intelligent ones. Do you guys think lesser of me because of my religous views? Am I the idiot because I get a peace from something you don't believe in? Come on guys... Why can't we quit calling people out on their lifestyles and just get along? It's perfectly fine if you don't want to believe in God. We can toke a bowl and talk about it if you want... See? I have no problem with your views and I refuse to down you or your belief because of what I believe.
  7. Most intelligent people are athiests.
  8. Do you think I am unintelligent because I believe in God?
  9. No, i just think your deluded. and i dont mean that in a harmful way, i just truly beleive in the non-existance of god(s)
  10. That is fucked... Though, not surprising.
  11. Would you say my religious views are blindingly stupid to my face? Or do you think that might be a little harsh? What I mean is, people as a whole need to stop focusing on what other people believe and live their own lives. You could believe in a purple shit eating monster and all you would hear from me is "That's cool man, but that's not for me." No, I am not trying to act better than you but I am trying to get the point across that what you believe doesn't affect me and that I am not going to call what you believe stupid. I respect you as a person and there for you are entitled to your beliefs. Get what I am saying man?
  12. i know what your saying and i dont disagree. beleive what you want, i just dont beleive in god, and time after time, god fearing leaders plunder the countries they lead in the name of the "lord"

    if our leaders cannot display neutrality on the basis of religous OR non religous beleif, then it is in my eyes, something that is now detrimental to society, because acts not in favor of the entire population can be rationalized with religous dogma.
  13. haha I'm not ashamed at all.
    Christianity is the worlds largest religion estimating at around 2.1 billion adherents worldwide. There's bound to be some crazy ass motherfuckers supporting it...

    lol says an atheist :rolleyes:

  14. You: Chill the fuck out. If you two want to debate religion, PM eachother. He just does NOT agree with your views. He isn't saying you're an idiot, but he believes religion is diluded, and people who follow them are blind. That's his opinion. You're saying you would say " Thats cool man, but that's not for me." He's saying the same thing in another way. So chill.

    Retro- He took offense to it, whether or not you meant it. Just try to PM him, and discuss YOUR views. Openly on the forums=bad idea. People take offense, and take things the wrong way, despite how you MEANT them to be viewed. Like religion, your thoughts and what you say can be viewed differently by different people.

    Everyone- Sorry guys, Just having a really shitty night. PTSD sucks. I've gone through 3 flashbacks in the last 2 hours, and I wondering if things will ever get better for me, or if death is my way out.

    Oh, and the guy in that video is a moron. Why? His ignorance and obnoxiousness is absurd. But then again it's just MY opinion. Some people might totally agree, and that's fine. You get it?

  15. says most studies on that issue, and yes, i suppose if the fact is true, which it is, then of course the study would be done BY an athiest.
  16. Contrary to popular belief, this is what Jesus actually looked like:
  17. Actually dude, you need to chill the fuck out. We weren't getting shitty with each other at all... We were having a good conversation. I think this is the first time I got shitty in this thread because YOU took things the wrong way. There is nothing in the rules that say I can't talk about my religious beliefs to another forum member openly. As long as we don't get rude or out of control and I see no where, where it happened.

    And sorry, no he didn't say that in another way. Calling my religious beliefs stupid =/= Thats cool man, but that's not for me. We were talking about it peacefully and I hope he didn't take any offense to what I said. I have no problem with him at all and enjoy having him around.

  18. Bro, you ain't been here but a minute. I'm saying that IT WILL get out of hand. Not everyone can handle it like you two do, and people will start taking sides. I've been here long enough to see it countless times. If you two want to have a debate, it's better of in PM's. Soon enough, immature people will flood in, and you'll have a flamefest, trust me.

    If you two can handle the debate, then PM's are better. You don't have to worry about others taking sides, and creating tension and bad blood between members. That's all I'm trying to say.
  19. Doesn't seem like he's making it his purpose in life to tell you you're deluded for believing in a god. Like you have a right you believe in god, both Retro(and I) have the right to believe you are deluded for believing in a god.

    It's really not something that needs another huge drawn out religious debate with Bible quotes and repeated flaming. Believe what you want, I can't change what you think, nor you me.
  20. I have been here for quite some time, longer than what my account says. I know how things work but why should I have to privately talk about something that someone made a thread about? Why aren't you getting on their cases? They were the ones begging for the idiots to come in and say something. THEY made a thread dealing with religion... but I guess we shouldn't talk about religion in a religous thread... News to me man.

    But whatever man, all is good. I am not going to fret over it. Peace, bro.

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