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  1. represent!!!!!!!
  2. ummm...woooo...
  3. there ya go.......nubbins gettin into it
  4. lol. well with the exception from the shore. jersey blows. wooohoo. hehe. jersey girl here..and damn proud of it!! now where did those plane tickets go?? Im almost done , are you done packing yet?
  5. hootie hooo!!

    And the beach is ovverrated!
  6. ^^^yeah yo i couldnt agree more.......beach is overrated

    and you ever notice how shore people and mainland people have different attitudes......where from the shore are you from sensi???
  7. how is the beach overrated? id like to hear this one....
  8. westside representing =)
  9. ha ha figures you beach people think all mainlanders know the deal ;)

  10. People just swear the Jersey Shore is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but everything's just .. dirty, cheap, sandy, broken. Couple cool clubs and nice to hang out at LBI but the shore isn't all that.
  11. the jersey shore sandy?!??! LMAO. aaaaaaaah, thats great stuff...
    anyway, I never preached that sliced bread was anything near the shore here. BUT I have grew up here, practically on the beach itself, and I will be a beach bum forever. Put me on any beach anyday! But I cant help loving where I grew up! Where I live it is extremely nice, not dirty and "cheap?" lol, I live in a nice lil shore community where everyone here appreciates the beach for the natural beauty it gives us. anyway, Im happy as hell on my little island by the sea. :)
  12. you'll never find a beach as beautiful as those found along the oregon washington coastal range...hands down
  13. I heard they were beautiful. my brother was looking to move out there...but nothing hes got a job interview out there, he practically got the job though. Hes so excited, and I cant wait to visit him out there! Im not exactly sure where...but I do believe its on the gonna go find out now hehe
  14. hell yes to that, razor!!!
  15. yeah yo you knwo what the fuck is up........anyways where you from im from central right outside new brunswick
  16. razor~do you not like the shore? new a nice town..I at least know around the campus pretty well...but i gotta stick with being the beach bum as i was raised ;)
  17. nah i dont dislike the jus not huge huge on it ha ha......but yeah thas wehre i go to school in new bruns and its fuckin annoyin me already i feel so old in all my classes :(
  18. hey, i am from belleville, which is next to newark, which is close to the east coast.
  19. OREGON IS THE SHIT. Not only is it beautiful, good weedifull, not boring as is AK, but it also has one of the greatest skatepark densities in the world. Not to mention that said skateparks ARE the best in the world.

  20. Thankyou im glad its been said at last.


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