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Jersey Buds

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ProfDankovsky, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Just posting up some buds we get here in south jersey.

    this is some donkey kong i picked up tonight.

    this dk is the grassiest bud :smoking:

    heres some mango from a while back
  2. the rest of these bud pictures were in a folder and i smoked too much of them to know which is which. i'll number them to make them easier to comment on.







    and heres a kiefy ass bong pack just for fun, courtesy of my boy eklipze, always too stant to post his own pictures.
  3. crazy lookin buds!!! sweet macros dude.
  4. danknessssss, I know all about dat jerzey bud, I was raised in northern NJ/Bergen County

    you should try that florida bud, omg
  5. Looks tasty, do you know what strain that is?
  6. Donkey kong is going to make somone happy!:p
  7. the donkey kong is donkey kong.

    it's hard to find out what strain most of the bud is around here. it's usually referred to as grades more than actual names. shit pisses me off.

    in this order:
    bangin nugget (answer commonly received when you ask a dealer what kind of nug it is)
    shwag (still never came across it)
  8. i recognize that bowl from somewhere

    dankkovsky pm me!
  9. thats because it's all off my camera
  10. Damn those are some sick buds.

    Where are you in S Jersey, by the shore? I gotta find me some of them buds.
  11. all of jersey is pretty close to the shore, but we live closer to the dirt water of camden/philly than the saltwater.
  12. How much was that bud?

  13. 20 for a g and i think the 8th was 50, but the shit is seriously so light the gram looked like 2.5 at least. no way you can eyeball it.
  14. That's some good smoke you got there...:smoking:
  15. Yeah jersey's not to bad but i go to philly for my bud, alot cheaper there.
  16. i haven't been on this site for a while cause im have been busy....but damn looking at those buds made me glad i made a visit.:Denjoy that.
  17. dude can i get some of that shit in north jersey?

  18. just get some new york bud. shits nice.
  19. hmm...that dosent look to bad:yay:
  20. Man I know about those jersey buds - I picked up a 8th bag when I was on a trip out there - It must have been the best bud I have came across in a while...Nice and green but the smell was just stankin' all over the place

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