Jerky seasoning

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  1. Ok so I live in Texas so as like most Texans I hunt and I keep hearing about how good deer jerky is but I can't seem to find the perfect seasoning so if anyone has any recipes for their favorite deer jerky seasonings let me know.
  2. all starts with worchestershire sauce, forgot what else my dad uses. not sure if i could give away the secret recipe anyway.................:D
  3. this is an awesome sports related thread
  4. Hunting is a sport so I thought this is where it should be lol sorry blown when I thought about this.
  5. haha yea but ur not really talking about the sport of hunting, ur asking what seasoning is good on jerky. no biggie tho, sorry ive never made jerky so i cant help u :eek:
  6. Liquid smoke is a must if you're not smoking it and are just using a dehydrator.
  7. he is getting shared here.

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