jerking off high

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by popsson, May 7, 2006.

  1. is it me or does it kill the buzz?

    everytime i jerk after i smoke my high is almost completly gone once i blow a load.
  2. People have said that, but it doesn't kill mine. Sure, I'm more awake afterwards, and alert, but thats just a function of adrenaline/testosterone.
  3. I don't think so. People also say showering and visine kills your buzz. None of them do for me.
  4. after i bust one... it feels like that comming down high afterwards.... you know the non enjoyable high.

    also it makes me more sleepy.
  5. It might make you come down because when your reach the big O you breathe heavily, and maybe the massive amounts of air you take in at one moment forces lots of oxygen into your blood stream clearing up some of the THC... I find after I have an orgasm high that yes, I start to come down.

    However, after showering? Hell no. That's one of my favorite things, give a nice clean high. And I've never heard that visine one, lol.
  6. hmm showers make me come down also...

    i think its time for a tolerance break.
  7. Yeah jacking off and showers both diminish my high, visine doesnt do shit to it though.
  8. visene cant lower your high...... thats bullshit...
    if it does lower your high its all in your mind.
  9. Not for me. I just makes everything about it feel better.
  10. Lol..shouldn't this be in pandora's box?..

    But yes, it kills the high.
  11. wow, sick ass sig man. this is a weird thread, but i dont think so.
  12. just a thought,, maybe if you had sex with a woman, instead of your hand. youd keep your buzz.:p
  13. lol, i dont think i could get a girl to have sex with me when im high..

    sober.... its a diff story.
  14. after you're done jerking it just smoke another bowl! and yeah this should be in pandora's box...
  15. smoking before or during a shower is great... i get an energetic high that way.. but after blowing a load i feel tired and less high...
  16. Definitely not for me, a girl was giving me head, and it felt so much better then casual, especially when I popped!
  17. Yeah after jerking you do feel more sober somehow, I end up doing it anyway though lol. I don't know about the shower thing though, I had a stoned shower this morning and was just as blazed when I got out as when I got in.
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  19. same here, somehow taking a shower when high feels so fucking refreshing
  20. the title to the thread is highlarious

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