Jefferson Airplane

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  1. great band

    does anyone know where i can get some great guitar tabs for their songs?
  2. Yeah i love them. I have downloaded like all of their songs.
  3. yeah i know they're great
    that's why i wanna learn to play their songs

    more specifically songs like two heads, good Shepard, and young girl sunday blues
  4. Let me want to learn the songs from After Bathing At Baxter's.

    It's rockin', that's for sure. I've not been able to find many tabs, but I've worked my way through a couple of the tracks.

    The best strategy is to try to find a tab that gives you a good starting point, then slow down and sound out the faster sections. I've been unable to find more detailed tabs, so that's the way I went.

    Good luck, man. Glad to see that people still recognize Airplane isn't the same as Starship.
  5. yeah thanks for the ulitimate guitar one but i was looking for like dead on tabs haha

    but that site did let me in on some good tabs so no complaints

    starship is nothing like the airplane
    i feel like airplane has more soul and feel haha
  6. I've seen Hot Tuna tab on the intertubes somewhere. Sometimes you can get lucky searching free video lessons,too.
  7. Surrealistic Pillow FTW.
  8. we played white rabbit in high school marching band, i can send you the clarinet part.
  9. nah it's alright but thanks

    i'll just keep searching :)

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