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Jedi (Jedhi?) AZ

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by NPHXtoker, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Typo I believe...FIRE nonetheless.

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  2. holy shit dude
    very very nice buds.
    i am quite jealous.
    blaze up :smoke:
  3. damnnnn. that looks like the az kush i got in august for a while
  4. :eek:Wow, great stuff man. Looks Dense!


  5. How does one make a "typo" when one is WRITING?
  6. Damn those nugs look so tight! I'm dreaming of a big ol' milky rip right now:smoke:!
  7. Looks like a dense potent kush hybrid :hello:
  8. Same here man, I was getting something alot like this looks in august. Bigger colas tho Dense well formed, same look color and it was fugn crazy good. A golden perfectly finished work of art. I got 1 seed out of it too:cool: havent planted it yet. Really wanted to know the name.
    NPHX question, did the 2nd hand smoke, when you come into the room not smoking it, smell like hash smoke? It was norcal valley where I seen it. with envy enjoy bro :smoke:
  9. ...not hashy. Real skunky. Reminds me of the "kind bud" smell from Dead concerts.
  10. huh must not be what I was getting. sure looks like it thou, yeah the stuff I got you'd go into a room where its being smoked by someone else and swear it was hash be'in smoked. cool thanks and still enjoy that herb looks wicked:devious:
  11. Looks like it would increse your ability to use the force :smoke:.
  12. My best I do to try

  13. #14 CellaDwella, Sep 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 24, 2009
    Wut up man? Nice pick up. I'm at in tempe and I was gonna buy some jedi kush myself but I went with some no name cali bud instead.
  14. fire but not jedi looks nothing liek it
  15. Never had the chance to try this strain, now I want to even more...
  16. damn im a fiend for those big buds you got. those are my favorite types of buds, big dense but not too dense. that bud looks orgasmic

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