jay-z - d.o.a death of autotune

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    [ame=http://www.zshare.net/audio/61001251a628e124/]zSHARE - Jay-Z - Death Of Autotune _prod. Kanye West _ No I.D._ _Radio Rip_.mp3[/ame]

    thats the street single off of blueprint 3, called death of autotune, produced by kanye


    oh yeah, second single is comin in july, its titled "Off That" and its featurin everyone's new favorite rapper, Drake
  2. so whats good no love for jay-z on here??

    most of yall should be lovin this hes puttin an end to autotune for once
  3. sounds pretty dope.

    producing could've been better but the lyrics killed it.

    what do you think?
  4. I personally think Jay's new single is great and am very much looking forward to The Blueprint 3.

    That is all.
  5. i've been reading debates on whether kayne did or didn't produce this track,

  6. you got another link for that?

    the songs tight though, better than I expected.
  7. I personally love the fack that someone in the game that everyone looks up to came out and said that shit is wack. I hated that autotune shit the day I heard it.

    I think Jay could of came waaaay harder tho even for a single...but once again glad he addressed the issue.
  8. haha i didnt really mind the autotune, but jay-z seriously just killed that shit.

    RIP Autotune 2007-2009 (unless its t-pain)
  9. I read somewhere that he gave props to T-Pain, Kanye, and Wayne cause they did their thing with it but now its over and done with.
  10. how kayne gonna produce a song called death of autotune when he been ridin that dick for like a year?
  11. because just like you and me, kanye west likes to make money

  12. I apologize for being off topic, but do you really think that "fack" is a word?
  13. its co-prduced by the two.

    this is only the street single

    the official single will feature drake
  14. i wish i could rep you everytime you deserve it.
  15. T pain is the only dude that can do auto tune cuz dude he fucked a mermaid.
  16. pretty sick song, he performed it last night with t-pain on stage with him

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_whsfiZvRA]YouTube - Jay-Z & T-Pain - Performs Death Of Autotune (DOA) Live On Summer Jam[/ame]
  17. Finally someone addressed it. 55k people went nuts for this at summer jam.
  18. yeah i heard the building almost collapsed it was rediculous

    my dude drake got a big ovation too he was out as a surprise right be jayy

    method and red surprised everyone by comin out with mjb too.
    im actually goin to a meth, red and ghostface killa concert next month
  19. So what's exactly stopping every other mainstream rapper from going on with using Auto Tune?
  20. cuz they never had someone with the talent jay does to tell them not to lol

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