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jaw clenching when asleep?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dubweiser, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. not sure if this has anything to do with getting high but i just remembered that last night i was having a terrible sleep because i was clenching my jaw so damn tight that it hurt. the thing was is that i was asleep so i think i kept waking up from it then going back to sleep and doing the same thing. i cant even remember it good except that it was like i couldnt stop the clenching probably because i was half asleep.

    iv noticed it on other occasions too but i always seem to forget about it because its in my sleep and sort of like you dont remember your dreams unless you think of them right after.

    does anyone else have this problem? if so what did you do about it?
  2. i know some one with the same problem. my advice would be to go to your doctor he could better tell you, also the person i know with this problem just has a mouthguard type thing she wears to sleep to prevent it from happening, this might be what your doctor tells you to do.
  3. I grit my teeth pretty bad sometimes when im asleep. I think that's stress though...idk.
  4. might be low magnesium levels
  5. i get it horrible and have for years, it will soon cause headaches and ur teeth get weaker and weaker...get a mouth gard at rite aid for 30 bucks pshh
  6. Yea. for all i know.
  7. Quite a few people in my family grind their teeth at night. Most of them have gotten mouth guards to wear at night. It prevents you from wearing your teeth down or hurting them.

    I have noticed though that sometimes when i'm high I will grind my teeth while being awake. Especially if it is late at night and I'm just watching tv or something. Once I notice I can just stop though.

    I wouldn't worry about it unless Your teeth started to hurt in the mornings.
  8. People who never smoke week a day in their lives have this problem, and if it was from bud, it would wear off with the high. I'd say go to a dentist or oral surgeon. They can fit you with a special mouth guard for this that helps reduce wear on the teeth and joints.
  9. mouth guard for safety bruh.

    also stop usin them other drugs! lol

    u know which one im tlakin about.
  10. #10 dubweiser, Aug 4, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 4, 2011
    i dont think i grind my teeth i just think i clench them down VERY hard. im not sure if i do this often or not but i can remember it happening in the past.

    i also have been pretty stressed this week. im hoping its just that.

    and ugh yeah i did a bit of that white stuff a long with a night of binge drinking on monday. that has caused some anxiety for this week. maybe its just that. havent done any x lately but yeah that shit will def do it.

    im gonna try and get to the dentist soon to see if he thinks the clenching has done any damage. in the mean time would a mouth guard from cvs work? i heard that may cause jaw problems if its not properly made for your teeth?

    also, i just took a multi vitamin. im going to look up what foods have magnesium in them.
  11. Fuck the CVS crap. You'll end up like me. Get a real mouth guard made specifically for your mouth. It costs $, but will save you a ton more $$$$ in the end. Trust me.

  12. yeah thats what i figured it will fuck up your teeth or jaw.

    did you have one made for you? and does it help? also about how much will one cost?
  13. Yeah I had one made for me. It cost about $600. Dental shit is expensive, what can I say. But a lot of insurance plans will cover it. Talk to your dentist/surgeon about how to pay for it

    I was too far gone for it to do much good for me, but it did help relieve some pressure and stop me from doing more damage (as if I could damage my jaw more than I already have -.-) For someone like you it should work wonders

  14. ok thanks man. whats up with your jaw anyway?

    only thing i can tell about mine is sometimes its a bit stiff sometimes and if i chew a bagel on one side it will click. also i noticed even during the day when im distracted i chew ever so lightly on my lips and stuff.
  15. have the joints of a 70 year old at 19 due to arthritis and bad tmj. just had surgery for it two weeks ago today actually. my mouth is wired shut for another month and it's been two long weeks already. trust me. invest. you DO NOT want to be me.

  16. damn thats terrible. hopefully you will heal up good. do you think my jaws alright? im feeling some stiffness and i do have popping when i chew a certain way
  17. mouth guard seems like a good idea, and its just good to have one in general for sports
  18. yeah i may get one for now. but the problem as stated above ^ is that sometimes mouth guards that are not specifically designed for your mouth can cause damage to your jaw. my guess is that when you clench your teeth down on the generic mouth guard it would cause more pressure to be put on the joint of your jaw. i could be wrong but that makes sense in my mind haha.
  19. I was clenching my teeth when I would try to go to sleep for like a week. But not bad enough to wake me up. I just put my tounge between my teeth while I was trying to fall asleep so I could tell if I was clenching them for a couple days and then I stopped clenching them.

    But I wouldn't suggest you do that because it sounds like you're clenching them really hard. Get a mouthguard.
  20. i wont be able to fall sleep with my tongue in between my teeth. even if i did im sure i would just put it right back in my mouth.

    but yeah i was clenching really hard because it didnt rly wake me but i remember like rolling over in the middle of the night and i could not unclench my jaw because i was asleep basically.

    im gonna try to fall asleep on my back tonight. i heard that helps.

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