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Jar storage

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bongslinger, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Ive stopped keeping my stuff in bags and have started taking the more professional approach of jars, though i find that whenever i keep it in a jar it gets this funky smell, kind of like an apple and banana homemade smoothie. It gets this smell regardless of strain or quantity of bud, any ideas as to what could be causing this unknown odour?:confused:
  2. My stuff has a bit of a peachy sweet smell mixed with dank. I couldn't find a mason jar so I dumped out the peach preserves my grandmother canned for me :)
  3. You need to clean your jar. It is leftover smell from the previous buds it held. Don't forget you can't clean cork, rubber or plastic parts.
  4. Mine doesn't smell at all. It's a Mott's applesauce jar lol.
  5. I simply can't find Mason Jars here without paying a heavy import price, im thinking of getting like 12 200g kilner jars for about 50 euro. Mmmmm Granny's homemade plum jam :p
  6. If you're near Chicago I'll give you a couple for dirt cheap. PM if interested.
  7. i use a plastic vacuum jar and i cant get the smell of the lemon D i had in there out. not that im complaining lol. its such a sweet candy dank smell.
  8. I would clean the jar and change the lid when you get new bud. You could probably get a hundred of em for like 5 bucks.
  9. Hehe i'm a long ways away from Chicago.
  10. Luckily for me we had three miniature Mason Jars sitting in the cabinet. I snagged two of em' and they're awesome.

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