Japanese lingerie brand launches bra...

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  1. \tJapanese lingerie brand launches bra that can only be unfastened when its wearer is experiencing 'true love'
    • Japanese manufacturer Ravijour says app works by monitoring heart rate
    • Bra bursts open when wearer's heart rate soars during a romantic moment 
    • Underwear only unfastens when wearer's pulse hits the 'True Love Rate'

    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
    Behold, the culmination of man's greatest technological fantasies achievements.
  2. "What's the matter baby? I thought you wanted me"
    "I do"
    "Liar! Your clothes wont come off" 
  3. What if a rapist is chasing a female wearing one of these..her heart rate will be up and her bra will magically pop off.
    Score for the rapist.
  4. They tried developing similar concept underwear for men.  They decided it was a little less than practical when the test group's dicks popped out about 67 times a day on average.
  5. Nah itll be like a lizard when it pops off its tail. The rapists will be momentarily confused allowing the girl to escape.
  6. It's like a polygraph bra. It's actually for men to know when their bitch is lying
  7. What happens when you just want to take a shower?
  8. Ask a friend to send a dick pic
  9. Thats so cool at first glance, but wildly inconvenient after 1 second of thought.
  10. For a country full of brothels with sex robots this seems mighty ambitious.
    And yes, japan has brothels with sex robots. 
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    Look up Oculus rift Japan
    Edit: By the way the Oculus Rift is not made by the guy who made the game
    Look up real sex robots
  13. The Oculus Rift Japan thing actually came up
    Yeah, theres just so many men there that they cant find enough women to do that kind of shit so they have to resort to this, i really dont have an opinion on it, but i do think they should try powering a city through discarded semen. 
  15. They should be taking the semen and using it to birth little Japanese babies instead of using the Oculus Rift for porn. Granted using it for porn wouldnt be a bad thing ordinarily but when your birth rate is falling maybe priorities need to be changed a bit.
  16. I'll grab an air horn before I go to Japan :D
  17. low birthrate in Japan? this is news... i need to relocate.
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    Sex robots
    Someone to talk to and cuddle for a fee
    3D porn
    Host bars / clubs
    They have something for almost every aspect of a relationship
    forgot what documentary it was but something like 60% of japanese adults don't date. they focus on their career and have no plans for a future.
    "Why would i want a real gf/bf when i have ??? "

    the rest of the world is slowly becoming like this as well only in the western world it's sterility from things like lap top radiation

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