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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by mav, Jan 11, 2004.

  1. I've just ordered some seeds from these guys, don't know if they are any good but will let you know in a few months time when I start another grow off, even if they're not though they are cheap as chips and must be worth a look at.

  2. I found that www.grasscity.com has nirvana seeds for cheaper than the nirvana seeds website anyone use them before?
  3. Just tried them today i will let u if or when the seeds arrive

    Just got a email from them saying they have sent the order
  4. Got the seeds next day delivery in a plain padded envelope.
    Seeds r in original packagin inside a cd case lookin good so far.
  5. mmmmm well let me tell you a story and may I say that I'm putting it down to being a bit naive to start with......
    I ordered some seeds a while ago (can't remember who from) and a few days later got a packet through the post with some cough sweets in, now in the UK and no doubt in most of the western world, we get plagued with loads of junk mail and the sweets were f*ckin horrible and smelt of aniseed so I binned them and also made a mental note not to order from that supplier again as my seeds never turned up. Then I ordered some seeds from Nirvana (2 lots in fact), a few days later two packages turned up with some 'sweets' in a thankyou note for ordering from some bizarre sweet shop, it wasn't until I looked inside the metal tray they came in that I discovered my seeds!!!!!!!...................what a d**k!!! lol
    I'm sure I'm not the first thats happened to.....

    I got some Big Bud and some Chronic, but as they both turned up on the same day I have no idea which is which so its going to be a surprise!!!!!
  6. I ordered from the, came in fast, and they are growing fine :)
  7. if seed companys take the time to hide the seeds so u dont get a vist off the law i dont think its a very cool or very wise thing to go posting detales of it on the net.

    kinda fuks up the stelth posting thing dont it.
  8. You could have a point there thug but its not illegal to buy them in the UK so we tend to have a bit more of a relaxed attitude towards them
  9. very true mav but it is still illegal to grow them. i cant see many people paying a quid a seed or more and using them as fish bait. the plod aint daft, if they spot seeds in the post then your address will be listed on there computers.

    my sister and her hubby work for the royal mail and i used to work for parcel force. i dont have anything sent by post, that shud tell u something.

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