James Blunt

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  1. Yeah yeah You're Beautiful maybe one of the worst songs in the world but his other songs are amazing. If you haven't heard his song "High" while stoned you haven't lived. He says the song isn't about getting high but watching the sun rise or something gay shit, but thats just a bunch of crap imo. He has admitted that he does smoke. He talks about the three wisemen getting high lol, and he even added the lyric "she could see from my face that I was fucking high" to You're Beautiful. I am kinda rambling on and this might seem kinda gay how I am talking about how awesome he is, but I am kinda high right now, so I'll reread it when I am sobered up.

    But all in all, James Blunt is pretty fucking awesome. Plus his last name is Blunt.

  2. agreed.
  3. I like his music a lot. I have indeed heard the song "high" when smoking. Although he claims the song isn't marijuana-related, the subtle connotations are endless. "Promise me tomorrow starts with you getting high" could work with the sun but...come on...lol

    his first cd is a lot better than any other IMO.
  4. You just listen to JB to get chicks. Admit it.

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