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Jamaican shower for the win

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by resonate, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. I would like to offer my current state as testimony to the effectiveness of the Jamaican shower
  2. Maybe I'll do a jamaican shower here in a bit...
  3. it was my first time ahah
  4. ^Smoking up in the shower
  5. my friend tried explaining it to me, it sounded really gay
  6. i had no idea they called it a jamaican shower. that sounds awesome, too bad theres no window in my bathroom so it'd be so hotboxed my parents would be like..

    fail -_-
  7. Like a golden shower from a jamaican guy?

  8. I thought the entire point was that it didn't smell?
  9. idk it could be only for the smell, but i essentially hotboxed in steam so idk if its considered a jamaican shower or not but i got pretty ripped...

    if that makes sense

  10. yeah/
  11. i dont see how it wouldnt smell?
    i dont even wanna risk it, lol
  12. #14 KillaWillaBilla, Aug 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 1, 2011
    yeah it is supposed to be for smell bro. you turn your exhaust fan on or open a window the steam grabs the smoke particles and takes it with it outside therefore eliminating the smell. trust me i did this over 1000 times in high school!!! edit: and never got caught from any smell.
  13. OP, what smoking device did you use? I shattered my pipe a while ago and all I got right now is a gravity bong, so I'm not sure if the latter will be a sufficient device to hotbox the bathroom.
  14. It's all fun in games till you slip on the side of the tub and hit your balls while naked and high, and spend the next 10 minutes laying crying on the wet ground
  15. I prefer Jamaican just hot box where ever you want in your own house
  16. yeah but not really hot boxing if it is your entire house lol and as said im pretty sure the point is not to bake the bathroom why the fuck would i want to bake in steam for no reason. everyone i have met that has done this has done it strictly to prevent the smell from getting to the rest of the house, not for baking while sweating your ass of sitting in steam.
  17. Duude holy shit, im definitely rolling a joint and smokin in the shower.

    That sounds coooool, Doesnt showering kill highs though?
  18. interestingggg, though in some ways with MY parents i feel like they'd totally still smell it. im too scared to try!

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