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    hows everyone doing? i have one of these plants in my flower room right now, but i cant grow anymore under the hid in the summer, its just too hot..so im trying the windowsill :smoking:

    girl in flower smells great and is turning purple/black! its awesome.

    they are regular seeds so i dropped 3 beans today and im hoping for some females!

    running organic soil and organic nutes

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  2. Sub- think... Estrogen hahaha
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    ahh, brother bear, there you are.
    if youre wondering what the biobizz stuff is its beet beet vinasse (molasses) and sea kelp
    all seeds have broken earth on or between 6/21-6/23. going to keep them outside for a week and then figure out how to throw them into bloom via the windowsill.

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  5. heres some pics from today

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  6. one week old from breaking earth

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  7. Curious - if the Biobizz is molasses and kelp why don't you just use molasses and kelp and to hell with the 90% markup by the bottle company?

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    i thought people say molasses is expensive? the bloom is like $10-15 for a quart of it, which would be the only one id buy if i didnt get a free try pack :) how much is molasses and kelp? i think the kelp has all the macro and micronutes youd ever need too. i remember reading about the species on wiki, but i forget the name of it. It starts with an a.

    going to lst and lollipop these girls to keep em short, may even top, lst and lollipop accordingly. gonna try and get em to look like one of those flat fishes on the bottom of the ocean

    i would NOT spend my money on the expensive top max or other stuff they have..i dont even like the grow or their fish mix, its missing the P in npk! same with the top max, missing the p! i DO like that the grow is a thick heavy solution and smells like soy sauce :) the bloom and top max samples smell like vitamins and are thin solutions.

    they say they put humic acid in the top max, but the label doesnt say so!
  9. "i remember reading about the species on wiki but i forget the name of it it starts with an a."

    Ascophylum Nodosum is the main variety sold as kelp meal for both livestock husbandry and agriculture. And you're right - it does contain every macro and micro nutrient necessary for plant growth.

  10. Hey J, thats it! Think its going to be more or less effective than my current fish emulsion? Im only switching because of the foul odor of fish emulsion
  11. I'd switch for any if a number of reasons over fish emulsion. Real kelp meal (not liquid or powdered kelp) is actually the total package in one convenient form. It contains everything you need (to a certain extent) as well as a wide variety of organic compounds and growth regulators (PGR's).

    Fish emulsion is manufactured from fish scraps using heat to break it down which kills off a bunch of the good stuff. If you are going to use a fish product, use Fish Hydrolysate which uses a cold process - enzymes breaking down the fish vs heat breaking down the fish. It will say on the bottle. Neptunes Harvest (Hydrolysate) vs Alaska (Emulsion) is an example.

    They both work and are organic amendments/additives, but kelp meal is a "must-have" in my garden while fish is not - not that it's a bad thing by any means; I can just live without it, or use it here and there. The kelp is actually part of the soil itself.


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    well jerry, thanks for all the info! this pic is dedicated to you. growing rapidly now. 12 hours after last picture: 2013-06-30_12-34-43_323.jpg
    here is my current fish emulsion http://www.espoma.com/p_consumer/pdf/Gro-tone.pdf "The proteins from these fish are uniquely processed to preserve the nutrients and produce an all natural organic plant food."
    problem is it costs the same price for 16 oz of this fish protein as it does for 32 oz of biobizz bloom.
  13. They look great brotha. Keep up the good work and I cant wait to see the final product.

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    thanks and welcome. lets see if i can keep them healthy throughout the entire grow like i did my first couple plants.
    they are still in ~14 hours of sun, but im putting em on the windowsill within the next couple days in order to try and get them to bloom.
    pray for a female or two!
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    ok, moved them inside. im trying to give them less light in order to promote them to flower. lets see how this goes. i may switch from windowsill to cfl becuase im getting paranoid about the windowsill..
    2013-07-02_16-58-27_102.jpg 2013-07-02_16-57-42_932.jpg 2013-07-02_16-58-20_728.jpg
  16. caught some fish today. anyone know what kind they are?

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  17. The fish are most often referred to as bluegill. Very good eating if cleaned and fried.
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    bluegill, eh? thanks for the info, and welcome to my journal! i want to go fishing again soon.
    hush! the babies are sleeping
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    speaking of food i just mad them a meal of 1 ml grow 1 ml bloom and 1 ml topmax in 16 oz of water.
    it sucks when you want to put them outside but the wind is too much for them to handle. first day of sun in awhile.
    2013-07-04_14-55-10_849.jpg 2013-07-04_14-25-39_649.jpg
  20. this is too sketchy, im building a cfl box tonight.
    2013-07-05_13-58-51_915.jpg 2013-07-05_13-59-23_856.jpg 2013-07-05_13-59-11_222.jpg 2013-07-05_13-59-18_434.jpg

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