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  1. In 8 days ill be sipping coronas on a beach in beautiful Negril, Jamaica. It shall be sweet.

    Anyone else ever been to Jamaica? Id love to hear some stories about it.
  2. have fun relaxing while the rest of the country is starving and trying to make ends meet
  3. Heard its pretty crime ridden if you go to the wrong areas.

    Like dangerous crime ridden.

  4. i always do.

  5. LOL, biggest buzzkill comment ever, plus you can say that about most tropical vacation spots.
  6. I know haha. but really, I hate seeing children suffering. I could not go to a place like that, knowing a family really needs help.

    Id go to help out though :)
  7. Ive been there once. It was a long time ago and I dont remember much. Only that when we went to our hotel, they gave us the wrong room and we walked in on a dude in his stained underwear laying on the bed. Not a good start for our vacation

  8. lmfao! Im sorry but that made me laugh so hard dont get upset haha:eek:
  9. lmao! sorry but it reminded me of staying at a hotel a long time ago. the first room had one bed for like, 4 people. the second was occupied. my friend stands in the doorway, shocked, as a old naked man watching porn slowly gets up and shuts the door. her mom calls the front desk complaining really loudly about the naked man in our room. we got a new room with the cable cord for the TV missing and a dirty toilet.

  10. its not just tropical vacastion spots its everywhere
  11. went last aug/sept for a couple of weeks. we stayed in montego bay at richmond hill inn which is a non goverment secured family owned hotel overlooking montego bay. we also did a week at an all inclusive in negril because one of my gf's family was getting married there.

    we both liked montego bay and the more real jamaica experience we had outside of the all inclusive resort. since we were there during the off season we had the hotel to ourselves (almost literally), and we made friends with the staff quickly. the pool was awesome, and having dinner overlooking montego bay and listening to the sounds of the jungle and far off sounds of bob marley coming from the "hip strip" was just beautiful, as was smoking endless handrolled jays on the balcony (also overlooking montego bay).

    we went all over with local cab drivers (not the JUTA government cabs) including up into the mountains and jungle to an awesome hummingbird sanctuary where wild hummingbirds out in the middle of the jungle come and sit on your finger to eat sugar water from a small bottle.

    i highly recommend jamaica to any traveler who is up for an adventure, and isn't easily scared off by what could be considered sketchy situations to some. i never felt in danger there, and we look forward to going back. maybe next year... we are leaving for hawaii soon!

    ps. jamaica is a 3rd world country, and the unemployment rate is normally around 25%. most everyone you come into contact there will try to sell you something. they are really hard selling too. makes tijuana vendors seem like walmart in comparison. it helps to be a bit street smart, and to be good at dealing with people in a respectful and diplomatic manner.
  12. my friend just got back from jamaica like 5 days ago, he said it was awesome and got really shmamered at his resort drinkin that jamaican rum they have
  13. this will be mostly irrelevent, as it happened in 1978 - but my parents honeymooned in jamaica, and i've gotten alot of tidbits about it. In fact, im looking at these mahogany carvings of some jamaican gods (rastafarian?) that my dad said he got for $8 (in 1978) - he just went up to some random guy on the street, and asked him how much for him to make them. In broken english, he said 'eight dolla man, come back 4 hours' - and in 4 hours my dad had his carvings - they're sweet and give me a strange vibe when i look at them. I think they have supernatural powers haha but i wont go into that here.

    What i also gathered, was that everywhere my dad went, he was offered weed. He went into a jewelery shop to buy my mom something, and the guy thought that when my dad said "necklace," he was being a discreet american - he went in the back and came out with a huge bag of weed. My dad (according to him) was all shocked, and like "nnoooo nnoo, i just want a necklace!" lol.

    He said all they ate was pea soup - and that was about it. He, to this day, loves pea soup because of his trip to jamaica - my mom's a great italian cook, but after the honeymoon, she was practically forced to learn to make amazing pea soup haha.

    thats about all i can thnk of now. Im actually going to my dads now, so maybe i can get some more info for you.

    Let us know how the trip goes - i think its going to be next years spring break destination
  14. im goin to jamaica the end of this week. does anyone happen to know the price of bud there?
  15. From what I hear, for like $20 you'll have all the bud to last you for smoking nonstop the whole trip, and then some left over to give away before you have to get back on your flight home

  16. a dirty jamaican, bogus cocaine. :mad: nuf said
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    friend of mine went probably 12 years ago - he was walking around the wrong part of town and watched one guy walk up to another guy and shot him in the head at point blank range.

    he cut his vacation short and came home the next day.

    have fun in jamaica! :wave:
  18. why do some people get such a kick of trying to ruin things for someone? like a couple of people in this thread...

    anyways, wish i could say something about jamaica, but ive never been there.

    if you care about the bud, i have read on here the prices there are damn cheap, so thats a plus.

    anyways, have fun in jamaica and when you get back let us know how it went.
  19. My sister went on a cruise and they stopped at Jamaica (forgot what part). She said it was really nice, the people were friendly but were really pushy at trying to sell you things (like others have said).

    Have a great time on your vacation! I hope i can make it there some day.

  20. you want to experience real jamaica? go to the ghetto's its the real deal

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