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  1. Hey any of you that can make it out to Tennessee June 21st through June 23 should check out this festival. It's some of the top Jam Bands playing. Widespread Panic for 2 nights, String Cheese for 2 nights, Trey, Les Claypool, and so many more. Check out this link.


    Tennesse , Tennesse. Ain't no place that I'd rather be - (Grateful Dead - Tennesse Jed)
  2. arrrghh we really wanna go really really bad but probably can't make it ;( booooooooo i wish we could!!
    hope some of you go, if you do give us every detail lol
  3. God that sounds so great. but that is a drive. Maybeill work ot out just maybe. =)

  4. I'm buying tickets the day they go on sale on the 23rd. The lineup kicks ass and the venue sounds great from the description onthe web site.

    Speaking of music fests, I'm going to SpringFest in Florida this Thursday-Sunday. Lots of bluegrass and great people. Maybe I'll see some of you there?

  5. The bonaroo fest is goin to be the shzit....i think im going to save my $100 and walk through the woods to get in..its on a 500 acre farm, their must be plenty of sneak-in opportunities....
  6. I bought my ticket!!!!! I am gonna be there in Manchester this June (I know you're all jealous)

    Sure it's a bit of a drive from Minnesota, but what the hell... I'm young and I got lots of time to spare...

    Plus it's going to be the most incredibal thing I've ever seen...
  7. hey anyone know if widespread panic is still going to do a tour after that? it says on the wp page that this festival is the opening for their summer tour, but i am anxious to see 'em in cali.
    can't make it to this festival, too far away and our money is all tied up in other places right now :(

    have fun though, for those who are going!
  8. If only I could, I'd be there in a second
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